It could be a colored collection of leaves in a city street puddle, the deep exhale on a morning jog that you suddenly see your breath, or simply the unexpected wind chill on the back of your neck while headed for a hot coffee, these are the small indications that fall has assuredly arrived. Here at CYTIES, we celebrate Autumn by taking our style game to the next level, aiming towards a tailored wardrobe of newly imagined classics, complimented with tactical gear for wet weather—consider it a style celebration for chilly air antics. When gearing up for the changing season this year, we look towards our pals at Huckberry. The team offers a treasure trove of necessities to keep anyone looking damn sharp for when the leaves are crunching under the soles of the feet. What a better way to ring in the fall than our top ten picks this last month from Huckberry.com. Plus, when CYTIES and Huckberry get to conversing about fall gear or style, the whiskey and good times don’t stop flowing. So, toss on our current album of the week, Shore from Fleet Foxes, a graceful arrangement of genius folk-rock, and coordinate it with your Huckberry gear hunting. Here’s to frosty city windows and the sound of crackling logs on a fire, wonderful to see you again, fall.

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” — Oscar Wilde

Flannel-lined Waxed Hudson Jacket

A Hunters Jacket is about as traditional as it gets when it comes to outerwear, it’s been keeping adventurous men sharp and protected on misty mornings from Europe to the West for centuries. With the temps about to dip to brisk weather, it will keep your core toasty while setting the bar for style points in any modern setting. Flint and Tinder pulled historic inspiration for this jacket by sourcing the waxed canvas from Millerain, a waxed textile industry leader since the 1880s. The inside flannel lining is also from one of the UK’s oldest woolen mills. In the front, you’ll find two nice size drop-in pockets with side-entry hand pockets underneath, as well as a front zipper pocket to secure any everyday carry valuables. It doesn’t come with a Sean Connery accent, but you’ll feel compelled to speak with one after a Scotch, and with how insanely cool this jacket is, you just might get away with it.


Huckberry x Danner: Logger 917

Fall is the season for busting out the trusty boot collection to pave the way through the elements. It’s easy to reach back for that dependable pair, but it’s harder when you’ve laid eyes the Danner Boots x Huckberry Logger 917. Treat yourself to a new upgrade with this ultimate collab, it will be worth every step (and is there such thing as too many boots?). The Logger 917 is a reimagined heritage boot that comes with the comfort of a go-to sneaker. The waterproof, full-grain leather molds with character, and is the excellence you’d expect from Danner. We’re loving the modernized stitch down construction as it offers a sleek look and lightweight, flexible finish. From leave covered city streets to frosty mountain trails, the Logger 917 will be working overtime wherever you take them.


Seawool Beanie

What’s Seawool you ask? A fabric that’s made from recycled plastic bottles and oyster shells—no joke. It carries much of the same personality as merino wool, quick-drying and soft while holding a study woven resilience. The combination of classic style and Seawool makes this Fishermans Beanie the go-to for your noggin’ this fall and winter. The right beanie is the kind of accessory that once you start sporting it, it’s then hard to imagine life without it in colder months. For city commuters, wind chill is no joke, toss it on to hunt down your perfect pour-over coffee and trust that your cranium will be deflecting any fall chill. Plus if anyone compliments or asks, you get to say it’s made out of oyster shells and helped contribute to minimizing ocean waste. Wait until you see the look on the person’s face after that statement.


Altitude Pilot's Watch

Rotate North might be one of our new favorite discoveries when it comes to timepieces. The Altitude is built in Zurich and is inspired by classic jet aviation watches. The design follows a few key principles; purpose, performance, and planet. These key notions have informed every detail of the Altitude. The watch is a fully automatic movement, while the grained, anti-glare dial is protected by a domed mineral crystal. Each hand has LumiNova markers for heavy weather or nighttime visibility. We can’t get enough of the subtle color of the dial to match the fall season. Whatever cockpit you choose to ride through this October, this should be the watch that guides the way.


Half Dome Beer Glass

Crisp fall air calls for an equally crisp ice-cold beer. Whiskey Peeks set of two durable yet lightweight glasses are all hand-blown by expert craftsmen. Since individually done, each glass has slight variations, but all feature a raised topographic impression of Half Dome, one of Yosemite National Park’s most distinctive physical attributes. The perfect beer pour is just a few clicks away.


Topo Designs Classic Duffel

The constant bag debate… “Is this a gym bag or a travel duffel?” Topo Designs not only solved the problem, but they did it with style. Their Classic Duffel is perfect for a gym locker or a weekend trip up the cabin to embrace the cooler months ahead. Pair this matte black nylon bag with a few other items from this list and your fall starting lineup will be looking more clutch than an Autumn outfit worn by Johnny Cash.


Light Phone II

Going off the grid used to mean going “dark.” But that was before the year 2020 which so far has presented a socially divided country, a culture war, all eyes on racial disparity (which they should be), natural disasters, the loss of heroes, an election, and a global f**king pandemic. This begs the question, is staying “woke” keeping your eyes glued to the technology that connects us through the world of the world-wide-web? Or, are we ready to find distance? Not to shut our eyes to the reality of life, but to steal back our time and attention. It’s called Going Light and it’s a phone that works with all major providers and offers full service across the USA. The phone offers talk, text, alarms, contacts, calculator, music, and hotspot capabilities, but rids you of social media, work emails (ugh), and other attention-stealing apps. The Light developers are constantly creating new and exciting features and capabilities, and soon, Light users will have navigation, ridesharing, and much more coming down the pike. The end result is taking our lives back. Take the Red Pill.


Huckberry Fishhook Key Ring

No outfit is complete without the right keychain. An essential piece to your EDC, and one that other hombres pay attention to. A keychain to a man is like a handbag to a woman. It’s the minimal piece of our wardrobe that ties it all together right before you take your first step out the front door. There is something about leather that navigates our headspace towards Fall, and Huckberry’s Fishhook keyring has us lacing up our new Danner x Huckberry Boots, grabbing our coat, locking up the digs, and heading out in search of adventure. #seeyououtthere


The Nue Co. Nootro Focus

Maybe you constructed a massive project in 2020 and are proud of your progress. Maybe you watched every single series on Netflix and are wondering how exactly it’s now fall. Either way, the cooler season is blowing in our direction, and with it comes a clearer mindset—a focused and sharp version of YOU to round off the year. The Nue Co. has your back (or shall we say… brain) with Nootro Focus, which uses all-natural ingredients to help promote “brain fuel”. It’s an effective supplement that combines the best of clinical science and alternative medicine. If you just thought of the movie Limitless, you’re already halfway there.


SOG Flash AT Knife

A knife is an absolute quintessential carry, you really don’t know how many times it becomes useful with day-to-day tasks until you carry one with you perpetually. This one comes with a story, SOG used the inspiration of a 1964 special ops unit of the US military, the MACV-SOG, to create it. It’s modeled after the specific knives carried by the brave men of this special assembly which was created for deep jungle-ready combat missions. The knife has a rapid-assist thumb stud opening complimented with SOG’s ambidextrous AT-XR Lock, and a highly operative 3.45 inch cryogenically heat-treated, D2 stainless steel blade. The pocket clip and size makes it an easy carry for the jacket or pants pocket. While it is ready for any daily tasks, it also will serve as a serious pumpkin carver when the time comes.