The times are a-changing, the sun is fading behind the mountain tops and city skylines a little earlier every evening. Even the new music is softer, more alternative, less funky, more somber—tickling our soul rather than shooting through our veins. We aren’t thinking of splashing into the water, we are begging to put on a jacket and lace-up our boots. Cocktails are getting bold, less pineapple and more earthy bitters. But, there are still constants. Our globe doesn’t for a second stop its universal quest of spinning around the sun, nor does our everlasting, never fading, always desiring, tongue drooling—HUNT for a good ICE-COLD-BEER.

Every morning hot black coffee is the first thing the heart asks the brain for, a cold beer is its nighttime equivalent. If you’re trekking to the peaks for a getaway or enjoying the fall breeze from your perch among the neighboring towering buildings of a downtown night, MADEWEST has you covered, as this Hazy will become as classic in your household as a Kings of Leon album (seriously though, can we get a new one?).

This may as well be a dream beer, as it’s so Hazy you’ll feel like you’re brain is floating somewhere between counting sheep and a daze from a dank plant that the kids these days are calling …. (fill in your own High Times lingo). With hops of Mosaic, Simcoe, and Eureka, you’ll be shouting as loud as Archimedes that you just determined the accurate estimation of the value of Pi, or at least you’ll want a nice mouthwatering slice of pie. Regardless, the main point of this is “Eureka!”, you just discovered a tasty brew that’s about to fill your fridge, leaving you less space for pie. So, coming full circle, you’re not a mathematician, this is just a damn good beer, and you may or may not lose weight from eating less apple and cherry dessert.

Back to the beer… It’s brewed up the coast about 60 miles from the CYTIES HQ in Ventura, CA. Jam-packed with a tongue melting quantity of hops, the aromatic IPA has a ripe juicy character with hints of fresh peaches and mango. A lax, glossy mouthfeel is complemented by a silky-smooth, revitalizing ending.

Here are the digits you need to know: 7, 16, 4.
-16 oz of gold.
-7% ABV. Translation — it’s gonna be a fun evening
-4-pack, so order two, or three…

Throw Madewest in the cooler, fill up the fridge, send some to a friend. Here at CYTIES, we are thrilled to feel the change of the season and excited to cheers a few good nights away. Even if life feels a little different this year, cold beer still tastes crisp, and that’s one constant we can’t wait to crack open.


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MADEWEST ships only to sunny California

Next time you cruise to Ventura, they have a location on the Pier

In a Hazy, hops are added late in the boil and again usually early during fermentation when the beer is still churning in the tank