my oh my, it's the water


If you have cracked a few gold tops in your day, then you have experienced the majestic power of Olympia Lager. As the can proudly states above its famous golden horseshoe, it’s the water. It was a little shocking that Olympia posted a “farewell for now” on their Instagram jus months ago, causing a bit of a commotion for fans of the beer. Well, no need to stress too much as now it’s found a home in your liquor cabinet. Say hello to Olympia Artesian Vodka, a pure spirit that goes down smooth like the cascading waterfalls of WA State.

In a world of will spirits, it’s a calming breeze to see a simple, damn fine vodka appear for some crisp end-of-summer refreshments.  The artesian water is hand-drawn in Tumwater, Washington by local Master Distillers. Olympia Artesian Vodka finishes smooth, with the subtle whisper of essential minerals and electrolytes. And it doesn’t just taste fine, the bottle is a lined work of art, set to stand tall and proud next to any “high end” spirit in the lineup.

Stock it, drink it, and toast to the premium flavor that this unique release offers. The folks at Olympia were even kind enough to offer some can’t miss easy-to-make concoctions that are sure to set the tone for some serious sippin’. It’s safe to say, very much still it’s the water.

Oly Soda

• 1.5 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• 3 oz of soda water
• 1 orange wedge
• Pour over ice

Oly Mary

• 2 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• 4 oz Premium Bloody Mary mix
• Pour over ice , add fresh garnishes

Oly Rocks

• 2 oz Olympia Artesian Vodka
• Pour over ice
• Lemon peel garnish


Olympia was founded in 1896 by Leopold Friederich Schmidt, it was bought by G. Heileman Brewing Company in 1983

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All photos and recipes are accredited to Olympia Distilling Co. Tumwater, WA