our whiskers are tingling over this West Coast IPA


Shiver me freakin’ timbers, we’ve all heard about Black Beard but clear the way for the beginning of fall for a new captain in town, RED BEARD. We can’t help but see the correlation with a Los Angeles Aleworks beer giving nod to one heck of a red-bearded Dodger, but whatever the hidden parallels of the name might be, we are loving this DDH West Coast IPA.

Crack open the top for a bouquet of French Alsatian hops, otherwise known as Barbe Rogue. It’s a home run of flavor smacking on red berry and floral notes, with just a pinch of garlic. The beer guru’s at LA Aleworks mix it up with Golden Promise and Pilsner malt for the base beer, which is why the tall can finishes with a hoppy injunction of beergasmic aftertaste. Beer snobs, Dodger fans, bearded men, whoever the hell you are, drink up and toast to some brisk weather and post season baseball headed our way.