Driven by the singular vision of modified Porsche 911's


Hop in and let’s go for one hell of a ride around Pebble Beach with Singer Vehicle Design. If you’re a Porsche 911 enthusiast and believe in preservation through a blend of modern techniques motivated by unique and fresh perspectives, then you just found your favorite new purveyors of all things cool when it comes to turning the key to adventure.

Founded in 2009,  Singer was created to explore the creative possibilities in vehicle design through restoration, tuning, modifying, and customizing existing Porsche® automobiles for its passionate customer base. The team here sees the ultimate vision for all air-cooled Porsche 911, providing a set of tailoring that you would expect for a suite, but this time for your very own ride. The options range from custom aerodynamics, interior mods, as well as body and chassis options. They even offer the ability to discuss special requests, so that dream of having engine customization, or a color that stands out past any 911 on earth just might be possible—all unique to reflect the personality of the owner.

Let’s be very clear; Singer isn’t in the selling game, the squad is all about the craft, creating new vehicles by taking the components of various Porsche automobiles and making them into new vehicles. The attention and excitement for detail offered is “such a degree of personalization, that it ensures that each machine can be as sportingly focused, luxuriously flamboyant, or as simple and understated as desired.” In other words, your Porsche 911 customization won’t just be garage candy. This machine will be weaving around the bend with daily usability as your go-to dream automobile.

So take a visual ride in this incredible Porsche 911 throughout Pebble Beach, and hit the button below to explore an array of renovated and modified Porsches solely customized by Singer, all in unique locations. The images alone will undoubtedly take you for the wild ride you’ve been longing for, and probably will have you lifting up your right foot searching for an imaginary pedal. Restored, Reimagined, Reborn—this is Singer Vehicle Design.



Born in 1963, the Porsche 911 has become a legend

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Two-thirds of 911 models produced since 1963 have remained operational and can still function today, how bout that?