Prime Location Nestled in Nature


  • February 28, 2022
  • Spaces
  • By: Pete Whish

A desert oasis that feels like the secret clubhouse you scraped together with your rag-tag childhood gang (even more so if you had a mid-century-modern-inspired budding architect in your crew).

Joshua Tree and its nearby towns is a place to go off-grid. A sanctuary for those who didn’t want to be found on their search for something that felt separate from the rest of the world. An opportunity to re-invent, create, and tune their mind into a different frequency. The rest of the world has gotten wise on Joshua Tree. Thousands flock to the region every year, and though there isn’t a Starbucks yet*, many of the new developments thankfully aim to keep Joshua Tree’s unique quirks and retro style. (*at the time of writing). One of these developments is AutoCamp.

Autocamp Joshua Tree is a compound of 55 rooms, scattered around a central hang-out.
The grounds offer three unique types of accommodation: Airstream Trailers, Accessible Suites, and X Suites. No matter your choice, you’ll have a kitchenette, outdoor dining area, and a fire pit at your disposal. Though the two suite options have more space, are you even a millennial if you don’t spend a vacation in a retro Airstream? The Airstreams allow for a perfect balance of privacy and community: you’ll be close enough to photobomb your only-visiting-for-the-Instagram-reel neighbors, yet still, have the right amount of separation to hide away in your trailer as they spot your meme-able face in the background when deciding between Alden or Lark. #ad.

The Quonset Clubhouse serves as the hotel lobby and central hub for the camp that also hits all of the mid-century modern notes that one hopes to discover in their California getaway. Stop by for a cocktail at the open-air bar or watch the sunset on one of the heated concrete seats. If your family-filled Airstream all of a sudden feels too small, escape to enjoy the weekly yoga classes, live music, s’mores bar, or wine tastings.

Though a magnet for those visiting JT, Autocamp was built with the locals in mind. Solar power, on-site water treatment, and dark sky-friendly lighting, all help minimize the camp’s footprint on the local environment. And it is Joshua Tree’s otherworldly scenery to which you should dedicate ample time to enjoy. The Autocamp team will recommend hikes for all experience levels and families. Please remember; as you venture into the National Park you’ll discover a unique landscape that will either: Stop you in your tracks to marvel at the true beauty of nature. Or, Prepare you for a Bezos-lead galactic expedition to start a community on a soon-to-be-discovered desert planet.

Regardless of your motives, Joshua Tree is a place like no other and must be seen to be truly appreciated. Separate yourself from the selfie-taking-sponsored-post crowd and explore further into one of the most unique National Parks in North America. Spend your days hiking trails and evenings sipping bourbon in an Eames chair at Autocamp.