Found in the mountainous Tröllaskagi Peninsula


  • February 15, 2021
  • Spaces
  • By: Travis Platt

When one says “off the grid,” few places set the bar to ring the truth of such sentiment to the statement. The Fljót Valley in the mountainous region of northern Iceland is one of those places, and Deplar Farm is nestled into the wild terrain, waiting to offer any visitor an adventurous wellness retreat unrivaled.


This incredible hotel resides upon a converted sheep farm and serves as the bridge to activities such as skiing, sea kayaking, whale watching, or just some serious meditation to take in the phenomenal Aurora Borealis. With black timber cladding and a living roof, it’s evident from first sight that Deplar Farm is one with nature, exhibiting an architectural wonder of natural beauty.

Winter months serve as a spectacle for Deplar, as the floor to ceiling windows capture the mystical beauty of all the surrounding peaks amidst Fljót Valley. The aesthetic of the hotel is simply a masterpiece. Leather chairs angle out towards the wild landscape, as concrete and woods live in harmony, guided by cozy modern accents with a Scandinavian style.  There are two helipads, thirteen en suite bedrooms, and a geothermal indoor/outdoor pool that might be one of the most relaxing submerses in the entire world—filled with pure and natural spring water harvested from the valley and heated geothermally to the perfect temperature.

Deplar and its ownership company, Eleven Experience Group, strive to offer a perspective in increasing the wellness of one’s life, promoting the companies belief in exercise and movement. The team “combines activity-based physical exercise with intense sensory experiences, allowing you to fully awaken all senses which results in an intoxicating feeling of utter revitalization.”  Winter activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling to get your adrenaline pumping, all of these paired with designated periods of silence to encourage you to connect with nature.

Out of the landscape and into the lodge, the amenities don’t stop extending; a premium spa facility featuring two Isopod flotation tanks and three treatment rooms, gym facilities that rival a professional team, breakfast, lunch, après, and dinner served daily, outdoor Viking sauna, yoga classes, and front-row seats to view the spiritual Northern Lights.

More than a property or resort, Lepar Farms is an out-of-body Icelandic experience, the kind of unplug that one needs seeks to truly reset, aligning new goals and clean fresh perspective. The energy of the earth literally revives you within this structure. Oh, and they say within the dim winter months you will get some of the best sleep you’ve ever had, which will be what you need after a day of sheer adventure antics or relaxing rituals. With Deplar Farms “off the grid” just went to a whole new spiritual significance.




Rooms are decked out in sheepskin, Moroccan wools, and textured walls

The hotel has a variety of options to get you to and from our secluded slice of the Troll Peninsula, including helicopters or chartered airlines

There is a custom made band loft, featuring instruments for a jam session

Live for the lens? Book the photo retreat to spend 6 day, 5 night journey photographing the serene environment of the Troll Peninsula

Each room has a bathroom with a steam shower, underfloor heating, and Aesop products