• October 4, 2020
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The lines are straight, the angles are sharp, and the structure gets an A for the design effort. Taking a stake in the U.S. in the 1950s, their popularity began to take shape and assert itself in the architectural design world. At its simplest, the A-frame is nothing more than two steeply-angled sides (roofline) that usually run from the foundation and meet at the top in the shape of the letter, you guessed it, A. And while the interior tends to be modest and confined by the roof’s angles, the commonly found circling stairs lead to the loft… where all the magic happens. From the exterior the A-frame is simple, but it’s what’s inside that counts. And if it’s a little scary to think about owning an A-frame right out the front door, Airbnb has a collection ready and waiting for your extended stay.

Lilla Norr - Brook Park, MN

If you know anything about Minnesota beyond it’s the “North Star State” and the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, then you should know it also has more cabins than anyone can count. Lilla Norr, “Little North” in Swedish, is a 1978 A-frame cabin nestled along the Snake River. The interior has modern fixtures that highlight the motif and perfectly pair with the isolated fireplace. There are chairs on the river bed, a fire pit to pass the nights away, and a second bedroom if you deem any friends worthy of an invite. Lilla Norr is the perfect “up norte der” getaway that deserves more of your weekend’s attention.


Rancho Relaxo - Rhododendron, OR

The frame that keeps on rising, Rancho Relaxo has 3rd floor views and the motivation to leave the daily grind in the rearview mirror. The simplicity of the exterior mirrors the interior design, while the lines both inside and out are straight. You’ll find comfort from the oversized living room couch and when the temperatures drop down low, the large stone fireplace will keep things lit. This is the A-frame you venture to get away from it all and as the Superhost says, “THERE IS NO TELEVISION… the wifi is fast and reliable should you wish to spend some time on your internet device.” Rancho Relaxo is refined off the grid living that you can seriously get used to.


Oceanside A-Frame - Oceanside, OR

An A-frame with ocean views is a little out of the ordinary, but hard lines meeting at a point with the crashing waves just feet away is something that can only be experienced in person. The open floor plan and large deck are fitting for the ocean views and because it’s Oregon, the salty air sunsets are unmatched. It looks and feels rustic in all the right places, and when you need a dose of reality, well, the panoramic views won’t help. This beachside A-frame is one of a kind and along the PNW coast, flannels are required.


Sky Haus - Skykomish, WA

If you’re looking for a trip back in time, maybe via a hot tub, the Sky Haus is taking reservations. Deep in Washington State’s woods, this A-frame stands the test of time from the foundation, through the interior, and up to the final point. The floor-to-ceiling front window unveils the surrounding moss-covered conifers common to PNW forests and come nightfall, spend the hours by the fire pit or up in the loft suited for four. The floorplan is unbarred by any walls and the Sky Haus is simultaneously knocking on the door of ski slopes and lakefront beaches. While the Sky Haus does come with a full kitchen, hot tub, and a gas fireplace, it is highly recommended that you arrive with a case of Raindogs.


A Black A Frame - Kerhonkson, NY

Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the Black A-frame proves to be a true escape from the concrete jungle. The kitchen has been renovated to meet the most skilled of chef’s requirements, the addition to the standard A-frame construction brings a modern perspective, fireplace, and living room to the floorplan of A Black A-frame. It sits tucked away in the Catskills, so the views never come up short and if there is any doubt to the stand-alone quality of this cabin, the New York Post named it “Coolest A-frame in NY” and we’re not arguing. It’s two hours from NYC with a simple click of the mouse to reserve A Black A-frame, and what you get from a few nights on you’re own two acres is nothing but absolute luxury.


JR’s Ecohut - Nangus, NSW, Australia

From a distance, JR’s EcoHut appears an unimaginable oasis and once you open the front door, you’ll be calling your banker to make an offer. It’s a one bed, one bath tiny house A-frame with 360-degree views of the beautiful Murrumbidgee river flats and stunning Kimo valley. The EcoHut is 100% off the grid with solar power to provide light and water, and undoubtedly the top amenity is the shower with a view. JR’s EcoHut is simple and built from local timber and if you’ve ever needed a reason to visit Australia, this quaint A-frame should be on top of your list. G’day, mate!


Lost Haus - Garfield, AR

The Lost Haus is exactly where you need and want to be when, quite simply, you want to get lost. Deep in the forests of the Ozarks and a minutes walk from lake access, the Lost Haus is a place for relaxation and fall imbibes under the stars. The amenities are simple as not to deter from the real reason why you’ve reserved this A-frame, but just as any house in the modern world should have, the Lost Haus has an N64 and all the banana peels for Rainbow Road. And because this A-frame is all about the outdoors, the large rear deck is perfect to take in the views with a coffee, afternoon snack, and of course, a big ‘ole cocktail. Maybe you know Netflix’s story of the Ozarks, a weekend at the Lost Haus you’ll be telling your own tales for years to come.


Tye Haus - Skykomish, WA

Minutes away from the powder hunters famed Steven’s Pass, the Tye Haus is a quintessential PNW A-frame. The exterior framed lighting should be on the amenity list as it clearly highlights and accentuates the straight lines of the A-frame design. The platform doubles as a deck surrounded by tall timbers and just feet away, a full-size hot tub awaits you and a simple press of the jets button. The Tye Haus is at home in the Northwest and would seem odd anywhere else, and you can rest assured that cold beers at the end of the day will be well earned with the adventures of mountains and a river out the backdoor. And so you can skip the fine print, the Tye Haus is doggo friendly and guaranteed to make your Olympias taste oh so good.



The first A-frame was built in 1934 in Lake Arrowhead, CA

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A-frames tend to be second homes, particularly in snowy areas, as the snow slides easily from the roof

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