• July 24, 2020
  • Spaces

Surely you’ve heard someone say, “I live on… the park, the lake, the beach” but nine times out of ten, they live next to. If you were to say “my home is named the Dusky Parakeet”, then yes, you truly live on the water.

The Dusky Parakeet is moored along the River Thames at the St. Katharine Docks and sitting just outside the heart of London, this vessel is no S.S. Minow. The Dusky Parakeet is crafted from a 60ft x 12ft widebeam canal boat. It has a fully insulated hull, double glazing, and underfloor heating… a sought after luxury. And at 470 or so square feet, the ultra-efficient solar panels on the roof allow this boat to run 100% off the grid if required.

From the dock, a small patio awaits on the stern of the boat before the 5 step staircase welcomes you and your guests into the main room of the home. The stairs are met and surrounded by bench seating which all hide storage units (helping to keep clutter to a minimum). And as the room opens with a bench style dining table on the starboard side, the space is well lit by 4 large windows, 2 on either side of the boat. The living and dining area quickly transition into a kitchen with an oven, sink, and proper amount of cabinetry to house more than enough dishware for you and your crew. And better yet, the kitchen was handmade from recycled materials by Smile Plastics – the doors and counters were once yogurt containers and even contain little flecks of silver from the lids.

The wall separating the bow from the stern is perfectly black and a puzzle of hidden builtins for all kinds of storage. And beyond the great wall and past the toilet and shower to where MTV Cribs coined the phrase, “where the magic happens”, the single bedroom is certainly the captain’s quarters. Opposing portholes keep the bedroom well lit and as most have dreamed for a patio or deck off the master, the Dusky Parakeet provides with one on the bow. 

Yes, the Dusty Parakeet is a houseboat, but the architecture by 31/44 puts this home up against any luxury apartment. All the styling is clean and modern, and if you’re keen, the Dusty Parakeet is capable of spreading its wings and heading out on the calm seas. If you never have before, the Dusty Parakeet gives reason to consider life on the water not because owning a boat is a status of wealth but because this houseboat is what dreams are made of. And the Dusty Parakeet by no means resembles Luda’s houseboat from 2 Fast 2 Furious.



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