5-star hotel in Marrakech offering luxury accommodation


  • March 28, 2021
  • Spaces
  • By: Pete Whish

To experience Marrakech, one must go deep, not wide. Seek tradition, not familiarity. If you stretch the limits of your comfort zone by day, return to the Villa des Oranges and a new level of comfort by night.


You’ve escaped the bartering madness and cobra charmers of Jemaa el Fna Square. With the Atlas Mountains still in view, you approach a centuries-old hand-carved wooden door. As this is your first day in Marrakech, you remain uncertain if you have reached your destination. With a cautious knock, the door swiftly swings open and to be greeted warmly by a friendly face and immediately note the scent of citrus from which your oasis gets its name.

Originally a Riad, a traditional family homestead, the Villa des Orangers is one of Marrakech’s best-kept secrets. Now a boutique hotel, this Riad was formerly a palace and still maintains the charm and privacy of a private residence. Think of it as an Airbnb, that dates back to a time when dial-up internet was a century away.

A mere 27 rooms are hidden throughout the hotel’s mazy layout. Privacy is not an issue at the Villa des Orangers: even when the hotel is fully booked, you may only see another guest when lounging by the pool. If you’re really quiet you may hear the sound of the Houdini-like staff shuffling by.

If you are cranking the bucket list dial to eleven while in Marrakech, book The Riad Suite. With its own rooftop pool overlooking the market, and the Atlas Mountains, you’ll channel full-on Sultan vibes as you sip your traditional mint tea. If you choose to venture out of your room, the hotel’s cigar bar is furnished with dark leather and looks like it was modeled after Indiana Jones’ living room.

Steeped in tradition, yet still offering modern amenities, The Villa des Orangers is the original urban oasis.