a toast to pops


Dads and Dad figures … they deserve the best of the best this Father’s Day. After all, they put up with you for all these years and provided support and advice whenever needed (and sometimes when it wasn’t). Dads can be hard to shop for, but a bottle of whiskey is always a great idea and says everything you need to say. We put together a list of the 7 best whiskeys to get your old man this year based on some popular Dad interests. Grab one that fits his curiosity, and you’re good to go.

Barrell Seagrass

For the Dad that likes to travel (or needs a vacation):

Vacations with a warm sea breeze and fruity cocktails are what all Dads dream about. If any whiskey could transport your Dad to a Caribbean beach, it’s Barrell Seagrass. The wizards at Barrell Craft Spirits have managed to age American and Canadian rye whiskey in Martinique Rhum Agricole casks, apricot brandy casks, and Madeira barrels and marry them together into a tropical extravaganza of flavor. Pour Dad a drink of Seagrass and watch his cares melt away as he daydreams of the sun warming his face on a white sand beach.


Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaboration Series - The Prisoner Wine Co Finish II & Phifer Pavitt Cabernet Finish II

For the Dad that likes to grill:

Besides Bourbon, what goes better with some grilled meats? Red wine, of course. These Bardstown Bourbon Company Collaborations combine the best of both by finishing (aging a little longer) 10-year-old Tennessee Bourbon in barrels that once held exceptional red wines from The Prisoner Wine Co. and Phifer Pavitt Wine. You can’t go wrong with either choice. Both whiskeys allow the fruitier flavors of the wine to show through while maintaining the integrity of the whiskey with bold spices and rich caramel notes. Pair with Dad’s grilled steak, burgers, or chops, and everyone will be happy.


Taconic Double Barrel Maple Bourbon

For the Dad that makes the best Sunday morning pancakes:

Making great pancakes is an art, and if your Dad is a dedicated flapjacker he needs a breakfast Bourbon to go along with his award-winning hotcakes. Enter Taconic Double Barrel Maple Bourbon (that’s a mouthful). Taconic’s flagship Bourbon is aged 4 years in new charred oak barrels and an additional 6 months in used local maple syrup barrels. That maple finishing produces a Bourbon just a touch sweeter than usual and absolutely perfect for the breakfast table. Dad may want to add it to his batter or just pour it over the top of his finished cakes instead of regular old maple syrup. Any way you flip it … Sunday breakfast just got a whole lot better.


Three Chord Amplify Rye Whiskey

For the Dad that loves rock and roll:

Maybe your Dad had a band back in the day, still strums the guitar for fun, or just loves to spin some rock & roll on his turntable. If he likes to jam, he’ll get a kick out of Three Chord, a brand owned by long-time musician and producer Neil Giraldo, who is best known for working with rocker Pat Benatar for 40 years. Amplify Rye is a bit more aggressive, spicy, herbal-grassy whiskey that will appeal to Dad’s wild side


Lagavulin Nick Offerman Edition finished in Guinness casks

For the Dad that never met a joke he didn’t like:

Dad jokes … they’re, well, an acquired taste. And if someone ever embodied the “Dad joke,” it would have to be actor Nick Offerman. His quick wit and dry macho dad humor on Parks and Recreation were legendary and still continues to this day in much of his work. This second bottling of Offerman’s namesake whiskey in collaboration with Lagavulin also happens to be a father-son creation. Nick and his Dad have been appearing in Father’s Day videos for Lagavulin since 2016. This edition features 11-year-old single malt scotch finished in Guinness stout barrels. Expect intense smoke and charred wood from the Scotch balanced by caramel, dark chocolate, and sweet coffee from the Guinness barrels. Grab a bottle for your Dad and ask him to tell you a joke.


Blue Run Spirits 13yr Kentucky Straight Bourbon

For the dapper Dad:

If your Dad follows all of the latest sneaker drops, is interested in innovation and fashion trends, and seeks out the best quality in everything he buys, introduce him to Blue Run Spirits. A former Nike designer created the super sleek bottle, made with French glass and adorned with a silver butterfly. The whiskey inside was curated and approved by 50-year industry veteran and Bourbon Hall of Famer, Jim Rutledge. Everything about it says elegance and luxury. Give him a bottle of Blue Run, and Dad will want to put on some stylish duds, pour a glass, and sit back and savor the flavors of this well-aged Bourbon.


Pinhook Bourbon Heist

For the Dad that likes a good caper movie/book/tv show:

A good story with a few twists and turns that keeps you thinking is hard to beat. If your Dad is into a bit of adventure and mystery with his entertainment, then Pinhook Bourbon Heist will be a great drinking companion to go along for the ride. This nearly 3.5-year-old Bourbon is packed with bright citrus flavors but will keep Dad guessing as it evolves into warmer spices and sweet caramel flavors. Put Newman and Redford in The Sting on the TV and pour Dad a glass of Bourbon Heist. He will be highly enthralled.



Give Dad a great glass to enjoy his whiskey. The Aged & Ore Neat Glass is a favorite of ours.

Make sure Dad arrives on time and in style with a watch made from whiskey barrels.

Have a laugh with Dad watching Nick Offerman’s Father’s Day videos for Lagavulin.