With all this hard seltzer buzz, beer drinkers have been left out in the cold, or actually, heat. Summer is now in full effect in the most forgettable year of the last… ever. Beer and alcohol sales are actually skyrocketing up. You can take a man out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of a man, or something like that. Sure, some of these seltzer drinks are pretty damn good. There is absolutely no shame in grabbing a black cherry or blueberry lemonade flavored can when hopping out of the pool and dipping your hand into your ice-cold YETI cooler. However, when you want a splash of a crisp beer, no Whiteclaw or Corona Hard Selzer can ever quench your true thirst.

Two problems have always existed when selecting a beer for a warm summer day — like mortal enemies fighting an endless battle. Do you compromise taste for a crushable, light, canned beer? Or do you pound that heavy IPA that’s 8.4% ALC?

Topa Topa has come through in the clutch with a vaccine to solve all problems (well, one problem). Meet their new crushable, low cal, HAZY IPA – WEEKENDER. Yes, you read that correctly, a low-cal, crushable, Hazy IPA, and yes, it’s really called Weekender.  Only 98 calories and 4% alcohol, you’ll be slamming these all summer long and saving the dad-bod for another year.

To be fair, other beer juggernauts have created similar solutions, but those don’t come with a brilliantly designed can that encompasses a campfire, cactus, the mountains, and a tent. This beer screams summer at the top of its lungs. When the world opens back up, and next time your cruising through SoCal, stop by their brewery in the seaside town of Ventura. Until then, find it by local retailers. Stay Funky fresh, friends!


Topa Topa’s motto is “Good Times and Great Beers” — enough said!

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Only 98 calories!