Black Cow Vodka, Smooth as it Gets

Vodka from milk? Yes, it’s actually possible, and how smooth the end result has Black Cow being referred to as genius in the vodka making world. The process starts in Dorset England with grass grazing cows when their milk is separated into curds and whey, the curds are used for a cheese making process, and the surgery whey is usually disregarded — until now. Black Cow uses the whey and applies its secret distilling process giving birth to vodka with a smooth, creamy flavor and becoming the worlds first and only pure milk vodka.

Black Cow Vodka

Keep your eye’s open for the gold cap as Black Cow is boldly standing proud on the frontline shelves of the nations best bars. Drink it neat or use it to round out one of the finest martinis you’ll ever sip. And it doesn’t stop there, dive into the different innovative cocktails featuring Black Cow here. Cheers, Gents. 

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