Celebs Don’t Buy, They Own

Celebrity Owned Alcohol

Oh to be rich and famous, wouldn’t that be great?! You could essentially do whatever you want, hop in your private jet to your private island and bask in the sun on your private beach. And when the getting ain’t getting enough, why not start, buy, or partner with your very own liquor company. How hard could it be? You drink tequila, you like tequila, why not own your own tequila? Countless celebs have put their first foot forward towards the liquor industry and some have even taken a second sip. And where their mug initiates the marketing, it’s the taste that will keep you and everyone else coming back – they hope. 

Ryan Reynolds / Aviation Gin

Most everyone enjoys a good, tall G&T on a hot summer day and when you attach Deadpool’s smug face to the brand you know it’s going to have a lot of character. From a few cocktailed evenings Reynolds found the American made gin and decided to belly up at the owner’s bar. Distilled in Portland, OR Aviation Gin is smoother than the OG Brittish spirit that is “so smooth and delicious, it can fly solo, or take any mixed drink to new heights.”

Walton Goggins / Mulholland Distilling

Coined The Spirit of LA, Mulholland Distilling and Walton Goggins bring to you an American Whiskey, a New World Gin, and a Gluten-Free Vodka. Distilled in neighboring Downey and named after the man (William Mulholland) that brought water to what should be a desert wasteland, Goggins and partners have created a collection of “artisanal spirits that reflect and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of LA.” The flavors have been Justified by a Vice Principal and by no means will Mulholland Distilling every fall to the Hateful Eight.

George Clooney / Casamigos

With 90 acting credits to his name, the stamp of the sexiest man alive, and apparently an avid taste for tequila, Mr. Goerge Clooney has bottled his flavors of Mexico. Casamigos which loosely translates to “house of friends” came from just that. Clooney with some close friends had been working with distillers in Jalisco, Mexico for years crafting their very own tequila, that was never intended to reach the public’s shot glass. And to date, beyond the original blanco tequila, George and the boys now have a reposado, añejo, and mezcal to take “on the rocks, by the shot and at times straight from the bottle.”  

Bon Jovi / Hampton Water Wine

Teaming up with his son, Bon Jovi enters the liquor industry with a fine bottle of wine. Jovi’s Hampton Water Wine is French,” it tastes best when it’s cold, and you better buy an extra bottle because this stuff goes quick.” – you could say it goes down like water. It’s a rosé that falls perfectly into the #roseallday category, intended to be opened at brunch and kept in arms reach till the day’s end.

Jay Z / Armand de Brignac – Diddy / Ciroc

They could be credited as the first to get in the game and why wouldn’t two of the biggest hustlers have a bottle to call their own. Both Jay Z and Diddy have been poppin’ bottles from their first albums and with the entrepreneur lifestyle came HOVA’s Armand de Brignac and Puffy’s Ciroc. Both the champagne and vodka have become industry moguls backed by the rap gods, posses, bottle service parties and those that appreciate a brand for the gram.

Marilyn Manson / Mansinthe

We all know about absinthe and the potential hallucinogens that come along with the wormwood based spirit. It seems fitting that Marilyn Manson would fall for the green fairy and with assisted efforts of the Swiss Matter Distillery, he was able to slap his own label on the bottle, that he painted himself. Manson’s Mansithe gives us all an opportunity to be stars of the dope show at 66.6% alcohol by volume. Watch out!!

Bob Dylan / Heaven’s Door Whiskey

At 78yrs young, the king of folk adds a whimsically named whiskey to the repertoire. Heaven’s Door Whiskey is branded by Dylan’s welded iron gates and comes to you as a Tennesee Bourbon, Double Barrel Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey with all his musical heart and soul at the forefront of the palate. Whether served on the rocks, with a guitar in hand or harmonica by your side, this whiskey will be knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door. 

As with any spirit, the choice is yours, but it’s important to remember that just because your favorite celeb has plastered their face all over a website or label doesn’t mean it’s going to win the Oscar. If Dennis Rodman had his own liquor would you indulge? – oh wait, he does…

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”Frank Sinatra


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