Walking into the wine shop can be rather intimidating if you haven’t the slightest clue the difference between Malbec, Cab Savs or why Rosé has become everyone’s afternoon refreshment. And no matter if you used to pick your wine based on the price, accompanying protein or label, No Fine Print has taken it upon themselves to simplify the process and deliver, “just good wine.”

The brainchild of music managers Pat Corcoran (Chance the Rapper) and Tim Smith (Skrillex), No Fine Print is exactly what the name details. NFP is meant to be an approachable wine without the pretentious blue blazers and silver tastevins generally associated with the elite wine culture. It’s a wine that can be grabbed in confidence for any occasion while sparking interest from all those lucky enough to enjoy a glass.

Launched in 2018, NFP’s grapes are harvested from none other than Sonoma, Ca where some of the best grapes in the world grow. And with extreme attention to detail, NFP is keeping a tight portfolio of 3 varieties with an additional on-the-go canned version of their fizzy white wine, perfect for the concealed adventure or backyard bbq and a magnum-sized bottle of their OG Cab Sav if you’re looking for that baller status presentation.

There is no denying that No Fine Print’s focus is on quality wine without all the fuss, but where NFP truly stands above the rest with their philanthropic morals rooted in the vines. And more importantly with alcohol sales soaring through the ‘RONA pandemic, a portion of NFP’s annual sales will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

All said and done No Fine Print is a premium branded wine without an unwarranted price tag or penny loafer accomplice. NFP prides itself on being a wine for the everyday enthusiast that simply wants a good bottle of wine that’s easily accessible and elevates any and all gatherings… pandemic or not.