It’s not paperbag brewing, although throwing some suds in a brown paper bag and sipping a cold one while jostling with the BBQ pit and fighting off the snowstorm does sound like a doozy. Our hearts go out to those affected, and we’re raising a glass to first responders, those who have gone out of their way to help others in need. There’s a link in the field-tips to donate if you feel inclined. Back to the beer. It’s paperback. Get it right, or back back and give us 50 feet. If you don’t get that one, you’ve just aged the writer.

The muchachos at Paperback are from the Golden State and first met in 2013 while at an office (ugh, office? what the hell is that?) and started brewing together in the Lab. Not a science Lab, but more like a garage. After trial and error, tons of mistakes, (and we imagine) many belly laughs, quite a few drunk afternoons, and more hops than a bunny farm, they looked each other in the eyes, tasted a perfect beer, and realized they had done it. As they say, every paperback has a story to tell, and this is just the beginning. Fast forward into the future 8 years…. (that’s an extra dot at the end of the ellipses because we want to add some punctuation as you fast-forward through time). Their Tinseltown story is still being written, but the plot is bold, the characters are complex, and the structure is very well balanced.

Here’s what these SoCal homies are dropping like it’s hot. if you don’t get that one, just go to another article already.


It may or may not be created in this Galaxy, but it’s so Hazy that we’ll say it’s not. Contrived in a space far, far away where felines run the show and the currency isn’t dead presidents but photos of Garfield wearing a top hat. Cryptocurrency? More like CriptoCatNip. If you’ve hopped aboard the hazy express, this is a stellar beer with balanced hops and tons of flavor. What are the odds of it being a cereal one day? MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.


If you’re looking for a good Stout to get you through the rest of this harsh California winter, we got you. These poodles mean business, but they are also kinda friendly, At 5.8 ABV, you won’t be barking up a tree after just one pint.


Look at that can! If you don’t try it a Grizzly Bear may jump out of the screen and attack you. Just kidding, you have nothing to worry about. Grizzly’s are actually super friendly. Next time you go camping and see one, they love to be scratched behind their ears… If you jump for joy every Oktoberfest, look no further.



Here are a few donation sites to help give back to the people suffering this winter:

Central Texas Food Bank

The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center

South Texas Food Bank

Food Bank Of The Rio Grande Valley