This is what our team is cracking open


We’re always on the hunt for some crips suds, you know this by now. To closeout Summer 2020 were reaching for the award-winning Flyby Pilsner from Sufferfest Beer Company. The brewers here focus on low calories with high standards, making Flyby a beer that should fill the cooler to the straight to the top as it’s now brewed with yerba mate tea and lemon peel.

In the can is an array of Saaz hops that deliver malty richness, a hint of spice, and balance from front to end to finish, creating the ultimate “ahhhhhhh.” It’s the kind of Pils that goes down easy with a rooftop view of a city skyline or compliments the sound of a river while a fly rod is in your hand. Whatever type of view suits your needs, Flyby is the crushable beer that initiates an immediate relax-mode with the first crack of the can.