cold crushables for the hot months


With the days getting longer and hotter, there truly isn’t a much better time to kick the feet up with an ice-cold beer. There are lagers, IPAs, American style, German Style, pilsners, hands, cans, bottles, and kegs, and from the offering, there are beers that are a little more oriented towards the summer months. They are a little lighter on the palate and perhaps run a lower abv allowing can, upon can of consumption. So as another summer knocks on the door, consider reaching for something new this time around and because we can’t put you in timeout for having too much fun, please enjoy responsibly.

Hamm's Beer

Dating back to 1865, Hamm’s has been a choice brew from Minnesota for longer than even your grandparents can remember. It’s a light lager brewed from Sky Blue Waters with an abv of a whopping 4.7%. Some may call it flavored water, but when you pick up a 12pk of Hamm’s, know that the night will seem casual until the 8th can is popped. And because life is all about options, Hamm’s comes in 12, 16, and 24 oz cans.


Dixie Beer

This is not your average Bourbon St brew as the Cascade and Cluster hops are a summer sensation with every bowl of New Orleans gumbo. It’s 28 days from thought to consumption and with every step of production, know that a century of brewery tradition tastes better with every new day. When the Sunday Funday invites are sent out, hope someone has the expertise to match your Dixie with the proper crawfish boil.


MadeWest Hazy IPA

Coming at 7% abv, this MadeWest Hazy IPA may just leave you in the fog after a couple of cans. This hazy IPA is packed with a jaw-dropping quantity of Mosaic hops that’s aromatics reveal a ripe juicy character with notes of fresh peaches and mango. And with peaches, mangos and sold as a 4pk, truly the only thing you’ll have to worry about from the poolside chair is when your MadeWest Hazy IPA runs dry, will Uber get you to the liquor store in time for another round?


Fall Brewing Devil’s Right Hand

Crisp, clean, and toasty, the Devil’s Right Hand from Fall Brewing is the lagerbier your summer plans will be looking for. Brewed in San Diego, the land of craft brew, this lager will leave you wondering what’s in the devil’s other hand. It’s light and with just 4.5% abv, this is a beer to drink from noon and well into the late summer nights.


Modern Times Tycho Hazy IPA

With the modern times, everyone needs a little beer to help pass the time and provide an escape from these long summer days. Both complex and incredibly refreshing, the Tycho is a hazy IPA that will put your left foot in front of the right with a perfect two-step. The Tycho is packed with poolside party glory that really sets the vibe.


Lagunitas DayTime IPA

The Lagunitas DayTime IPA was made for long afternoons in the summer sun when you’re looking for something a little more potent than rainwater. It’s heavy on the hops and light on the calories, so the flavor is bold and leaves enough room for an extra Nathan’s hotdog or two. This DayTime IPA is all about the mouthfeels while favoring the marathon to the sprint.


National Bohemian

When you pop the top on this lager you’ll be at a loss for words aside from the thought of, “Oh boy, what a beer!” It’s an easy-drinking lager dating back to 1885 that doesn’t attempt to distort it’s clean and simple tastes with extravagant can design. And because this Baltimore beer is built by the community that surrounds it, look for an orange can during baseball season and purple coloring when the Ravens start their journey to the big show. Take note of the one-eyed character on the can, because after you finish off a rack of National Bohemian, you’ll be one eyeing the menu at the closest slice shop. 


Jack’s Abby Post Shift Pilsner

Like your pupper anxiously waiting for your return, the Jack’s Abby Post Shift Pilsner is a brew that finalizes the end of the workday while blasting you off into the unknown of fun-filled summer nights. This pilsner is bright, crisp, and refreshing, and when you finally get to cracking one of these Post Shifts open, well you might just have to take 5 to enjoy the flavor before anyone takes a swing at the piñata.



Beer is the oldest recipe in the world dating back to 5,000 B.C.

“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson

It’s estimated that there are over 7,500 breweries in the U.S.

Prohibition lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, and 32.5 minutes… how long has it been since you’ve had a beer?