Whiskey and Candy Pairings for Halloween


The slow creeping fog of October has ascended upon us, and All Hallows’ Eve awaits at the very conclusion of this ghoulish month. A full moon means a full pour… is that the howl of a werewolf? Nope, it’s just our resident whiskey expert Chris Blanter, and he’s at it again with a few fun whiskey and candy pairings to celebrate Halloween. Pair carefully, drink responsibly and be the house that hands out XL candy bars—the kids need it.

Smoke Wagon Straight Bourbon + Reese's Outrageous

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Halloween-themed Smoke Wagon. Some might find the label design to be kitschy, but inside the bottle, it’s still the same highly drinkable high-rye Bourbon with lots of great traditional flavors. Toffee, vanilla, and baking spices from the whiskey meld perfectly with the bombardment of peanut butter, caramel, and milk chocolate from the Outrageous bar making for a decadent pairing.

Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled-in-Bond (Fall Vintage) Bourbon + Demet's Original Pecan Turtles

Chattanooga Whiskey continues to be one of our favorite whiskey producers, with all sorts of innovation coming from Master Distiller Grant McCracken and his distilling team. In the spring of this year, Chatt Whiskey released their first bottled-in-bond Bourbon vintage, and it wowed us with its complexity. The fall follow-up is another masterful blend of four high malt mash bills. Its wispy smoke, rich dark caramel, and spice cake flavors elevate the nutty-caramel-milk chocolate of Demet’s Turtles to create a combo that will have you relishing this pairing well beyond October 31st.

Starlight Distillery Rye Whiskey finished in VDN Barrels + Kit Kat Mocha & Chocolate Duos

One of the biggest trends in American whiskey, with no sign of slowing down, is finishing aged whiskey in a barrel that once held another spirit, wine, or other product (honey, maple syrup, vanilla extract, etc.). Starlight Distillery is among the absolute best at finishing, and they’re using a variety of unique finishes. Case in point, finishing their straight rye whiskey in barrels that were previously used to age Vino de Naranja, a Spanish white wine that has been macerated with Sevilla orange peels. The resulting rye whiskey is a spice bomb with loads of fresh orange citrus flavors that perfectly compliment the coffee and rich chocolate of the Kit Kat duos bar. Some flavor combinations are just made to work better together, and this might be our favorite on this list.

Pinhook Bourbon Vertical Series 6-year Bourbon + Heath Bar

If you’re not yet familiar with the Pinhook Bourbon vertical series, it’s time you got acquainted. We trust you can use the internet to get up to speed. The 6-year Bourbon is the third edition in the series (which will culminate with a 12-year release in 2027), and it is our preferred release so far. It’s an extremely rich and bold Bourbon that ramps up in complexity and displays more barrel influences than previous releases. Flavors of creamy vanilla, dark cherry, and spicy clove, when paired with the crisp toffee and silky chocolate of a Heath Bar, result in the most luxurious combo on this list.

Blue Note Crossroads Bourbon + Starburst Original

We love B.R. Distilling in Memphis, TN, for consistently excellent whiskey at really great prices under their Blue Note Bourbon and Riverset Rye brands. Blue Note Crossroads is an expression that steeps toasted French Oak staves in their Bourbon for more than two months. Those staves lend flavors of toasty vanilla bean and smoked oak to warm spices and fruitcake flavors of the Bourbon. Pairing with the bright fruit flavors of Starburst makes for a mouth-puckering experience that will have you unwrapping each Starburst flavor to see which one you think matches up the best. We’re partial to the cherry but don’t let that stop you from trying each one.

Jack Daniel's Rye + Payday

If you aren’t drinking the standard off-the-shelf Jack Daniel’s rye, well … start. Jack Daniel’s is way more than the Old No. 7 black label, and they make some of the finest rye whiskey out there. This is a pairing that would most certainly be Elvis approved. The King was famous for enjoying a peanut butter and banana (and bacon) sandwich from time to time, and this is a pretty fun homage to that. Jack Daniel’s rye (and it’s Tennessee whiskey) has a pronounced banana flavor that goes hand-in-hand with the toasted peanut and caramel of the Payday bar to create the most iconic combo on this list. Throw an Elvis record on the player and see for yourself how well these work together.


Happy Halloween from the CYTIES team!