When the Temps Drop, Reach for These Knits


The new year has arrived with jaw-dropping temps, winter is defiantly here. With the snow layers comes the opportunity to update your wardrobe with some new knits for a mountain get-away full of outdoor antics, be it skiing, snowshoeing, or simply trekking through the ice for a Hot Toddy at the closest ski town pub. Everyone needs a clutch sweater to throw on as an initial layer. The layer is a casually formal staple sported by icons of all types. With buttons, deep v’s, shoulder patches, or big cardigan collars, there is a sweater out there with your name on it.

Fjällräven – Greenland Re-Wool View Sweater

Always pulling from the heritage of Fjällräven’s homeland, the Greenland RE-Wool View Sweater has the island’s mountains painted into the re-wool. The polyamide and wool blend gives this sweater extra durability and nature’s naturally wicking capability. The round neckline makes this classic-fitting sweater friendly to all body types and easily pulls down over the biggest of noggins. Fjällräven prides itself on quality, sustainability, and the land they stem from, so rest assured that the Greenland Re-Wool View Sweater will keep you warm and toasty as Mother Nature changes her attitude with the altitude. 



L.L.Bean – Classic Ragg Wool Sweater

You know this sweater is going to look amazing with a pair of jeans and Bean boots, or really anything you choose to pair with it. The L.L.Bean Classic Ragg Wool Sweater is simply what its name implies, a classic, and seems like it should come with a forest floor of frosted leaves. It’s made of 100% premium lambswool with a specifically chosen midweight knit that holds warmth on the coldest of days without a bulky appearance. It has a rib-knit finish at the cuffs, collar, and hem that plays to its classic fit. You know you’re going to want to throw a plaid under this classic because it’s from L.L.Bean and the Maineland



Taylor Stitch – Hardtack Sweater

The Taylor Stitch Hardtack Sweater is a statement piece that provides all the elegance of the defined sweater. The mixture of baby yak fur and wool makes the Hardtack Sweater a piece you may consider sleeping in and will certainly be stolen by your girlfriend. It was built to stand the test of time while holding its fit and warming capabilities well into the next decade. The elbows are reinforced by sheepskin to add durability, color contrast, and style points. When date night or an evening on the prowl calls, the Hardtack Sweater is what you’ll reach for time and time again.



Filson – Henley Guide Sweater

Made in the U.S. of A., with knits dating back to 1879, the Filson Henley Guide Sweater depicts all the characteristics of a forthcoming adventure. The Merino wool is twisted for extra durability making this sweater ideal for the urban jungles and ridge climbs in pursuit of a bugling bull elk. The Henley pullover style is matched with a 4 button-closure making this Filson sweater the ultimate crown to your layered look. And when Mother Nature comes down on you with her worst, rest assured the Henley Guide Sweater finds sanctuary on your shoulders and out in the elements.



Faherty – Sun & Waves Cardigan

With a blend of Alpaca and Merino wool, the Faherty Sun & Waves Cardigan may never see your dresser drawers. Inspired by the sun and waves of Faherty’s Jersey Shore upbringing, this cardigan encapsulates style, warmth, and comfort. The Sun & Waves Cardigan is finished with antique talon zippers and accompanied by welt pockets. It’s warm enough to wear as a jacket, which is essential when you’re walking the Jersey Boardwalk waiting for warmer days and bigger surf. With stitched sunshine appeal, the Faherty Sun & Waves Cardigan will become a staple to your wardrobe and send other sweaters to your floordrobe.



Orvis – Hawker Mechanic’s Sweater

Sewn with inspiration from the WWll G.I.s battling through the winter months, the Hawker Mechanic’s Sweater is all things style and durable. The three-button overlapping closure with stationary collar and tightly knit Shaker stitch push forth the Hawker’s utility—and the reinforced elbow patches don’t hurt either. It’s a 100% cotton, which means it’s going to feel great with a morning cup of coffee, rugged exploration in the winter peaks, and when that someone special calls upon you for a cocktail, the Hawker Mechanic’s Sweater is ready and waiting.



Far Afield – Joe Crew Knit

With a ribbed cuff and neckline, the Joe Crew Nit pulls from the challenging climate of Britain and 112yrs of crafted knit experience. The single pocket sets the Joe Crew Knit in a different class than most sweaters with the addition of a comfortable knit that the crew of the Andrea Gail would’ve worn into the Perfect Storm. The four-ply cotton is thick, stylish, and never backs down from an adventure. When you wake up in the morning, knowing you may not return till the next, the Far Afield Joe Crew Knit the perfect companion to your ensemble and adventure.




The sweater was initially a garment worn to “sweat” and lose weight, thus the name

The sweater came to fruition in the 1890s as U.S. athletes wore them as jerseys

Kurt Cobain’s Unplugged cardigan recently sold for $340,000