• December 16, 2020
  • Spaces

Unless it’s experienced, sleeping under the stars is almost unimaginable, but from the comfort of the Syöte Igloo, the glass roof opens the door to unworldly skies. Nestled in the timbers of Finland, this igloo is far from any structure you built as a kid. It’s a luxury stay with uncompromised views and just the right amount of amenities to keep the focus on the outdoors.

Syöte is a four-season dwelling where at certain times of the year, the sun may be up for all 24 hours of the day, and if you’re lucky the northern lights will be dancing in the skies. The focus of your stay should be on relaxation, but right out the front door is untamed wilderness waiting to be explored. In the winter months, the igloo is nearly ski-in, ski-out from the slopes of Pikku-Syöte and Iso-Syöte.

The Igloo has a stove and refrigerator for meals at home, and with a water closet, shower, and coffee maker, there is really no reason to leave. But if by chance you need to mingle with some other humans or don’t feel like cooking, the neighboring hotel with restaurant and bar is a mere two-minute walk away.

Spring, summer, fall, or winter, a trip to the Syöte Igloo will check numerous boxes off the bucket list. Finland is a world like no other and will open your eyes to sights unseen. At its simplest, it’s a dome made from glass with a stove, fridge, and shower, but truly, the Syöte Igloo is an experience surrounded by the best Mother Nature has to offer.