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  • May 21, 2021
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The name was contrived from a drunken bar night, naturally. ‘The Litas’ sounded cool enough for a female-focused riding group. Digging just a bit deeper into the meaning—in Latin, the name “Lita” means “Gladly.” Makes sense, seeing as thousands of women distanced by mile markers and oceans have gladly jumped on board, or bike, to join the collective of hell-raising babes brought together on the notion to ride out, never die out.

Founder Jessica Wise wasn’t afraid to go against the “norm” of the predominantly male-centric moto industry and challenge the longtime status quo—one that would break down the barriers for women. One that would make the moto lifestyle/industry for women more accessible, more common, more comfortable and more welcoming. In other words, ridding that feeling of intimidation walking into a dealership or a bar full of biker dudes. Her longtime dream of starting an all female motorcycle group, one that expanded not just locally, but nationally, and globally, caught traction in 2015 in Salt Lake City—the first branch Wise started in the city she resides and rides.

Despite others opinions, she pushed forward to create a supportive community of fellow free-spirits based on empowerment and the freedom to joyride. Like-minded lady adventurers hailing from different zip codes came out of the woodwork, turned their engines on, and joined the initiative. Just five years after the group’s foundation, The Litas name and bull skull logo has infiltrated almost every continent. As of 2020, branches exist in 335 cities, 35 countries, with over 13,000 riders and 117K followers on IG (@thelitas). And the collective continues to see an eruption of growth by welcoming women from all walks of life—celebrating all differences, whether age, bike style, riding experience, skin color, or sexuality.

The only requirements to join in a city near you? Own a bike, have an inclusive attitude and share a diehard love of two wheels.

We Inspire and empower women by showing them they can do whatever they set their mind to, whether that’s riding a motorcycle, or building an empire. We aren’t afraid to go against the grain and shatter stereotypes in the process.

The Litas is continuously looking for founders in new cities where branches do not yet exist to continue expanding into a worldwide movement. Founders should be innate leaders, comfortable with setting the tone for the whole group and coordinating group rides at least once a month. The Litas team gives founders the tools in order to be successful in creating a positive, tight-knit community on a local level consistent with the brand’s values and model (i.e. there are no patches to be worn, or giving off the appearance of a traditional “MC” / “RC”). There are never any politics, commitments, membership fees, bullshit or drama—just good times on the road with some babes and rigs. Babes who are glad to roll fast and burn gas beside friends with the same unapologetic mindset to raise a little hell.

To shop The Litas line of women’s motorcycling attire and accessories with badass graphics with fiery tags—like “She Rides” bandana, “Manifesting Whatever The Fuck I Want” keychain, “Rebel Soul” gloves, a “Lovely As Fuck” coffee mug, “Raise Hell” crop tops/tanks and “Devilish Delight” tee—Shop the branded gear and apparel on its e-shop, Hell Babes.

To learn more about the Womxns Moto Collective, listen to Garage Composite’s podcast with founder, Jessica Wise on creating The Litas.

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