Undercover Reasons to Cover Your Quiver


  • August 7, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: Britt Mattie

When it comes to protecting your custom hand-shaped log, with curves in all the right places, it’s best to put a bag on your treasured ride when she’s not in use. As sturdy and strong as she may appear in her outward presence, your longboard deserves the royal treatment when being escorted to and from the ocean. Keeping incognito will not only maintain her flawless figure but extend her shelf (and water) life.

Boardbags and sock covers are of the new-age notion to safeguard surfboards of at-risk fiberglass from scrapes, nicks, dents, and dings. From unwarranted collisions with other riders in the parking lot to the dog knocking over your board minding its own business leaning against the wall, boardbags provide a layer of armor that prevent you cradling your injured beau and taking a visit to your local board repairman. When transporting your surfboard to the beach, they protect it from debris and rogue rocks sky-rocketing onto the roof rack going 60 mph (if they can crack a windshield, your board’s no exception). They also conveniently keep gooey melted wax from rubbing off onto unwanted places in your car or on your person, as well as insulate your log from heat and harsh UV rays that cause delamination. Lastly, they provide a sheath from luggage handlers at airport baggage and rampies on the tarmac that have the leeway to throw your precious cargo around like a paper airplane.

Lest you need any more convincing, the innovative designs of today’s makers means protection can also be playful. So when your rig’s not cruising commando in the surf, consider some of these vigilant covers for those clumsy moments unintentionally banging into a tree trunk, and yet, attractive enough for stylishly stowing in the foyer on display during days of flat.

Sagebrush Boardbags

Putting an end to delam bubbles, Chinese wax jobs, and transit-provoked dings, Sagebrush cultivates thickly-sturdy and unerringly cool, agrarian bags. Founded by Prana sponsored surfer and photographer Anna Ehrgott, the worldly ecoist salvages recycled materials from far-flung places, such as heavy-duty, burlap coffee bean sacks from organic, fair trade roasters/plantations in destinations like Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, and Guatemala. Hand-sewn in Topanga, CA, each environmentally-conscious bag is combined with rugged burlap marked by country, coffee bean, or banana plantation. No burlapped bag is the same—each uniquely inscribed with stamped text such as “Product of Indonesia,” or “Café de Colombia,” then tethered with whatever remnant textiles of exotic fabrics and authentic serapes Ehrgott finds, ensuring limited runs of each style. Here.

BUY NOW: $130-$150

Pro-Lite Matt Wilkinson Session Premium Day Bag

Two former airline crew members and avid traveling surfers Bill Hapgood and Dave Neilson realized the unmet demand for protecting surfboards air time. Pro-Lite was born out of the ‘80s in Costa Mesa, and soon became the first travel grade surfboard bag manufacturer in the US. The “Wilko” bag series—in collaboration with Aussie pro surfer, Matt Wilkinson—includes the Session, designed for day use and features 5mm foam padding to keep your stick protected. What’s dope about this bag is the eco-consideration of post-production environmental waste when coming up with its design. While Pro-Lite not only wanted to create a product that lasts but keeps stays out of the landfill. In addition, Wilko conceptualized using a variety of scrap material from an assortment of other Pro-Lite bag offerings in the partial construction of his signature bag. Look for this bag to change over time as an assortment of different colors and materials become available.

BUY NOW: $131

WestPath Póvoa Surfboard Bags

An exclusive collaboration with Carlsbad surf shop, WestPath, and sustainable surfgear provider Mermaid Dress, these socks 100% handcrafted in the small surf town in Portugal. The Póvoa line consists of Dawn Patrol, Blue Beacons, Aqua Marine, Red Sunset, and The Cassidy. The thickly woven recycled cotton is sourced sustainably and hand-sewn into a tight ribbed weave. There is additionally a Mexican line with striped serape blanket in fiesta-themed colors or cool Aztec Baja prints. Large fin slits perfectly accommodate the single finners, and the drawstring closure enables you to quickly get your board in or out when in a rush to beat the tide. The purchase of one of these socks supports independent, international artisans who love the sport as much as you do.

BUY NOW: $90 - $95

Octopus Is Real WREBB Board Bag

Everyone loves a good acronym, including this one. The WREBB (Water Repellent Expandable Board Bag) is Octopus’ answer to travel and destruction. Octopus’ super simplistic, blacked-out WREBB boasts a disaster Resistant, splashproof shell, and a cool Octo patch logo sewed on. The Costa Mesa-based company takes modern, hardcore, and no-bullshit products seriously. And black is definitely Dion Agius, Nate Tyler and Chippa Wilson’s favorite color—the trio of surf world renegades elusively behind the retro-future surf traction company that “shall only be referred to as The Octopus.”

BUY NOW: $50 - $150

Creatures of Leisure Gun Traveler Boardcover

Located on Australia’s wave-rich South West coast of Yallingup, is the home and testing ground for Creatures of Leisure products. The Gun, in particular, packs a real punch—boasting a 10mm closed cell foam padding in the event of impact. Not to mention the Marine-grade, corrosion-resistant, nylon zipper, and an exterior skin of exclusive Diamond-Tech fabric, a custom-made interwoven dobby fabric which is abrasion resistant to UV degradation, stable in high-temperature ranges and has a hydrophobic coating. Between the EVA carry handle padded with Neoprene lining for added comfort, and the X-FLOW Ventilation System to remove trapped air and humidity moisture, this boardcover is supreme for hauling the 9’6” and 10’6” rippers on strike missions to suss out big waves.

BUY NOW: $220

Kauskaki Surfboard Socks

Invest in some sister-sister love with Maribel and Savina Kauskaki, who make up the online surf shop based between Athens, Greece, and London, UK. No matter where they’re surf tripping, they promise to treat you and your board to “that perfect hug feeling”. All bags are handsewn, either tailor made-to-order or created in micro-batches. Optional add-ons include a strap sling, a 3mm neoprene nose padding, a cheeky pocket to stash your fins, keys or wax, and even accommodate design requests for personalization or board shape tailoring. The fabrics are sourced from Athens or London and consist of a mish-mash design of solid color-block textiles, contrasted with a quirky focal point—anything from kickass graphics like alligators, bananas or abstract scribbles, to more feminine, winsome prints like psychedelic clouds, tea tree blossoms or watercolor florals. The best part—many of the prints come in a matching playsuit

BUY NOW: $108 - $117

Secretos Beach Board Bags

Dispatch to a humble studio/shop in Barcelona for a crafty collection of 100% handcrafted, !00% funky board bags. Secretos traditionally merges a solid canvas color with fun, tropical and retro patterns—executed like patchwork quilt-style. Many surfers froth over the fact that they can take part in actually collaborating with the makers to create their own personal, unrivaled covert. If you like a model of an already-existing Secretos bag, but it doesn’t offer your board’s size, simply shoot over your dimensions and measurements, along with design choices of color and pattern of outer layout. The makers at this shop allow you to truly make it your own. Spanish artisans will embroider a name, hobby or slogan on the bag, just ask.

BUY NOW: $63 - $117

Dakine John John Florence Daylight Bag

Dakine’s JJF Collection features a few handsome, Carbon gray bags, built-in collaboration with Hawaiian legendary surfer, John John Florence. The Daylight Surfboard Bag comes lightweight and portable for a quick carry down to the local surf spot and is also perfect for safe storage in the interim in the garage. A slim outline and 8 mm closed-cell foam protects your prized board. Meanwhile, vented, heat-reflective tech shelters your board from humidity and high heat. A ripstop exterior maintains a tough, durable feel, and a semi-dry, splash-proof pocket stores your keys, wax, and cellular. Six sizes offer a tailored fit for 5’4″ to 6’10” boards to embark on a bumpy road trip around the islands.

BUY NOW: $63

RareForm Recycled Longboard Bags

Each RareForm bag is one-of-a-kind in design—made with scraps of repurposed billboard vinyl. The final results are vegan, ultralight, heat-reflective, eco-friendly, waterproof, and super unique. Beyond the insane durability, colorful sheen, and frankenstein-like fabrication of the billboard vinyls, other added perks are the removable/adjustable strap to keep you hands-free for other gear, and the Marine Grade corrosion-resistant nylon zippers. The board bags use 1/4 inch foam and 600D polyester nose protector material to keep your board safe in the elements.

BUY NOW $88+

FedeSurfbags Classic Goto Custom Bag

Italians know fine textiles, and FedeSurfbags is no exception. Built for extra salty trips and a blue mind lifestyle, the Classic Gato is part of a collection inspired by world-renowned surfboard maker Robin Kegel’s uniquely shaped boards for his now global company, Gato Heroi. The bags feature a combo of washed Italian cotton canvas, in an ivory/tobacco color combo, and sealed with a wavy tailor-cut. Always made-to-order, according to the customer’s customization, but some standard features include a vegan leather nose patch, drawstring closure, secret pocket for small stuff, rope handle and hook on the nose, and a single fin slot with velcro closure. Can be made with six variations in size, shape, and prices.

BUY NOW: $109

Chapman at Sea Scribbs Boardbags

Another talented sewer, artist and surfer Tash Chapman, makes each board bag to order, by hand in her Vero Beach, Florida studio. Focusing on hard-wearing materials with a nautical touch, she incorporates sturdy, khaki washed canvas, scraps of vintage fabrics, and leather nose patches. Each has a bottom drawstring closure made of nautical cotton sailing rope and super clean, reinforced seams. With over eight different collections to choose from, The Scribbs line stands out from the pack. Chapman intricately draws tribal, Aztec designs, or boho-style mandalas, in either black or neon-colored ink. Each version is entirely singular in its own regard and can be customized in a number of ways.

BUY NOW: $188 - $228

Wave Tribe Global Surfboard Travel Bag

Continue minimizing your eco-footprint with hemp fiber, aka “The most awesome textile on the planet,” Wave Tribe says. The bag’s Rugged Eco Hemp exterior allows your board to breathe and remain 10 degrees cooler inside this love pocket, compared to normal plastic board bags. Additionally, these bags are constructed with a Reflective Energy Shield, an alloy mesh that deflects the sun’s fiery rays off your undercover rig. This is especially invaluable when putting your board in the straight sun en route to the beach, either on the roof rack or in the back of your pickup. Also built with high-impact padding protection with Rebound Foam Dynamics, expect extra cushion for the pushin’. These have been truly tested, tossed, beaten, dropped, and dragged—all in the name of research and development to make sure it really is the best travel capsule constructed for surfers on the constant go. You can fit lots of goodies in these guys, and you might as well because airlines still like to charge you an arm, leg, and a transport fee no matter what you put in it.

BUY NOW: $260


When it comes to protecting your custom hand-shaped log, with curves in all the right places, it’s best to put a bag on your treasured ride when she’s not in use. As sturdy and strong as she may appear in her outward presence, your longboard deserves the royal treatment when being escorted to and from the ocean. Keeping incognito will not only maintain her flawless figure but extend her shelf (and water) life.