Next Level Comfy Cozy


  • March 26, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: CYTIES

The last week or so we have all redefined the word homebody. The comfort of our casa has become the underlying theme of our current sanity, so why not take it to the next level. We are all about hustling from the homestead on creative projects, but it’s also important to consider some time time to clear the mind, take a deep breath, and full advantage of the forced relaxation. We’ve got you covered with some elite items to grab or inspire your next chillax session wherever you are sheltered up, to find some serious comfort at home.

Upstate: The Robe

It’s officially robe time, all day, every day. Made in Portugal, this organic cotton bathrobe is a must for any at-home relax time, you’ll be feeling like it’s a spa day with one tie around the waist. A robe offers a sense of escape, and this one is a major homely indulgence with its intricate waffle ware design. Quarantine or not, the robe is a vacation in clothing form and everyone should have one. Use it whenever you want to disconnect from distractions and settle into a healthy restful mindset.


Two Wheels South

It’s never been a better time to open up a good book. What better than a visual ride of an epic motorcycle journey 20,000 miles across the Americas, from Brooklyn to the end of Patagonia. Cover to cover is a much-needed breath of fresh air and adventure, and the pages take you from the Guatemalan jungle to desolate Bolivian salt flats, the high roads of the Peruvian Andes, and all the way to Ushuaia, the Land of Fire.


Reigning Champ: Pant

Durable, warm, stylish, and soft — many think those four words could never fit together. But where some may quiver when facing a challenge, Reigning Champ rises. And guess who’s still king of the ring, living room, and sidewalk? YOU are — with a little help from the timeless athletic collection from RC of course. Throw these pants on while fighting the resistance of COVID-19. We can’t guarantee the virus won’t come knocking for a fight, but we can absolutely assure you that from a comfort and style standpoint you’ll walk out unscathed.


Norden: Incense Kit (Black Ceramic)

Founded in SoCal, Norden’s mission is to bring warmth and comfort to the home through carefully considered, functional objects that are produced with a high level of attention to craft, and their scents are as smooth as they come. This kit Includes three packs of incense that are sure to last you a while, Ojai Fragrance, Idyllwild Fragrance, and Øresund Fragrance. Also included is a ceramic incense burner, find a spot and light it up, and while you’re at it cue up a Khruangbin.


Mahabis Classic Slippers

The durable hybrid sole, which can be colored to your liking, will have you updating your loungewear with the mahabis classic. The classic is built on an adaptable foam footbed with the comfort to outlast standing at the sink with a week’s worth of dishes waiting to be scrubbed. And wrapped around your feet is a soft wool lining made of a 100% Corriedale wool from Australia met by a neoprene heel cradle to keep your feet locked in comfort. It doesn’t matter where you wear the mahabis classic because if you’re out of bed, you should be in them.


Moon Puzzle

There have only been 833 US astronauts who have embarked on outer space missions, chances are you aren’t one of them. However, don’t let that stop you from seeing the moon in a whole different light. Sure, you’re not stepping foot on the grand orbiting rock but by the time you finish this 100 piece puzzle, you may start feeling like you did. Self-isolation can sure feel like we are trapped in our own spaceship going thousands of miles away, so we might as well trick our minds into believing the journey is to outer space —rather than back and forth from your couch for more Doritos and La Croix. 


The Nue Co: Sleep Drops

Seems the nights you want to get some sleep are the ones that the Sandman has decided otherwise. But with The Nue Co Sleep Drops you’ll be off to Never Never Land before you can count 3 sheep. The drops help you reach as close to a natural night’s good sleep with a non-habit forming and alcohol-free solution. Aside from getting outside and breathing in fresh air, good sleep is one of the most important things to keep us all sane. And with the Nue Co Sleep Drops, the only issue will be the drool stains on your pillow.


Celia & Perah: DIY Bluetooth Radio

Don’t be frightened, this is not an IKEA spend the rest of the day in anger building project. The DIY Bluetooth Classic Radio is set to bring aural pleasure to your life after completion and when you’ve got the team over for cocktails, you can point to the stereo and say, “yeah, I built that.” It is Bluetooth compatible and lasts up to 5.5 hrs if you choose to go mobile with your sound. And because it’s DIY that means you can crack a beer in celebration as you start pumping the bass.