Bikes to Hit the Streets


  • May 17, 2020
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  • By: CYTIES

Whether your ride is for commuting to the office, ripping around town or just heading to the store to pick up some essentials, a lot can be said about someone based on their bike. Does it have all the bells and whistles, is it built for comfort, the distance or hauling cargo, and just the general appearance proves to be important when onlookers pull up alongside. And the beauty of a bike, unlike cars, is you don’t have to break the bank to customize it to your liking and to meet your needs. Find a bike that complements your lifestyle and to rule the road with the Coolest of Commuter Bikes.

Kona Dew Deluxe

Pre-fitted with fenders to ward off the wet and inclement weather, the Kona Dew Deluxe might as well write the grocery list for you. The 650b wheels are ideal for a luxury ride around town and in case you’re the type to have to commute uphill in both directions, the 12-speed drivetrain turns that frown upside down. The Dew Deluxe is a modern marvel for beer runs, cruising on a lazy Saturday, and when it comes time to head back to the office… giddy-up.


Marin Muirwoods RC

A steel mountain bike frame with comfy commuter slicks, the Marin Muirwoods RC is ready to jump curbs. The RC is all about adventure from point A to point B with an 8 speed loaded in the back and disc brakes for those pesky red lights. And while the name may lead you to believe this bike was built for a deep wooded adventure ride, the Muirwoods RC is an urban assault vehicle waiting for you to have to make up time through downtown traffic.


LEKKER Amsterdam Elite

If you’re the type to keep it high and tight, clean and fast, and love all the bells and whistles without the glitter, the Amsterdam Elite M2 NuVinci is your bike. The rear hub hides the drive train which is great if you’re not one for the derailleur hanging all over the place. And the option to integrate the lighting into the seat post and handlebars brings out the Kitt in this urban rider. It’s light, it’s fast, and you simply can’t argue against the English translation of LEKKER.


Salsa Marrakesh Sora

Well hidey-ho neighbor, the big dawgs have come out to play. The Salsa Marrakesh Sora looks mean standing still and pedaling through town, best to pullover and let it and it’s rider pass on by. The Marrakesh has more attachment points than accessories you’ll be able to outfit this bike with and just when you think it’s all said and done, sink into the drop bars for the “I mean business” pursuit. The Marrakesh Sora is built to go the distance and that may mean crossing county lines.


Specialized Sequoia Expert

If the road less pedaled is dirt, pavement, and everything in between, then fire up the Bat-Signal and call for the Specialized Sequoia Expert. Built to satisfy the needs of an adventure rig and a true road bike, the Sequoia creates its own shortcuts. The 2Bliss Ready Sawtooth tires spin from dirt to pavement and back with ease while the durable frame is waiting to be mounted… with cargo accessories. When and if there is any uncertainty to your travels, best be spinning the Specialized Sequoia Expert.


Ribble Hybrid AL

The Ribble Hybrid AL is the fully loaded leisure transport you’ve been waiting for. Leather grips and saddle, disc brakes, and big ole 650b wheels ensure a Cadillac ride for countless miles. And because you’ve got to go fully loaded, the AL is stocked with pannier cargo racks, rechargeable light set, and mudguards for the days you just don’t give an F. The Ribble Hybrid AL is the best of the mountain and road geometry, with the comfort of a daily commuter.


Bombtrack Outlaw

Clean lines are about the sexiest thing in the transportation world and when those lines come with Outlaw status, oh lordy, wish you had a seatbelt. The Bombtrack Outlaw is a single-speed phenom with a carbon belt drive to twist and turn your way through city streets. It comes standard with a front rack perfect for 6ers and slices. The Bombtrack Outlaw is a bike that looks smooth and outright Marty Mcfly fly.


Masi Strada Vita Due

Full-coverage fenders, a 1x 38t ring, and disc brakes are just scratching the surface of the Masi Strada Vita Due’s awesomeness. The 10-speed drivetrain and big profile tires are perfect for weekend errands and the Hawaiin shirt Fridays at the office. If you’ve got time to enjoy the ride and don’t fret a little hill or two between you and your destination, the Strada Vita Due is the bike to have. And when happy hour calls, pulling up to the front door on this bike, rest assured the first round is on the house.



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