• July 12, 2020
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  • By: Ben Hitch

There are things out there in the world that are better served cold or need some type of refrigeration to prolong their life. And with the desire to keep temperatures chilled, often there is not a refrigerator insight or you’re on the move and you need some form of an ice chest to ensure the mountains have turned blue. Luckily as the world has turned, so has the technology and style of those once styrofoam buckets to the wheeled, 5 day ice holders of today. Grab a 12 pack, your favorite snacks, and let’s hit the road with these Cool Coolers.

YETI Tundra Haul Cooler

The Strongarm Handle and Neverflate Wheels take this YETI from great to a never leave home without it. The Tundra Haul Cooler holds true to the durability of YETI’s foundation, as the first with wheels, and because it’s all about the numbers, this Tunda can pack up to 45 cans using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio. Pick the adventure, pack the cooler and hit the road because the YETI Tundra Haul Cooler can’t wait to spin the wheels.


Pelican 20 QT Elite Cooler

You certainly can’t hate a product that’s guaranteed for life and when it’s a cooler with extreme ice retention and integrated cup holders, let’s just say today is going to be a good day. The Pelican 20 QT Elite Cooler is the ultimate grab-in-go cooler for afternoon activities with non-skid and non-marking raised feet and 19lbs of ice carrying capacity. The Pelican 20 QT Elite Cooler and it’s freezer tight seal are primed for the tailgate, fishing trip, and a night away from it all out car camping.


Coleman Steel Belted Cooler

The Coleman Steel Belted Cooler looks like the cooler your dad has been lugging around since college, but since it’s 2020, know this Coleman has seen some upgrades. This 54 qt capacity (that’s 85 cans) has a solid steel latch to secure the lid and leak-resistant channel drain for easy draining without tilting the cooler. It doubles as the perfect chair for those long nights sitty by the fire and 20 years from now, you may just pass this Coleman Steel Belted Cooler onto your kin.



You can get a sense of just how cold your favorites are going to be when you pull them from a cooler with a name like RTIC. Sure it’s missing the ‘a’, but the point comes across and with a up to 70 lbs packed away, you might as well set your sights on the Sahara. The RTIC 65 is a big boy cooler capable of being carried by one while holding the supplies for many. And if the one day adventure turns into two, fear not, the RTIC 65 will keep your treasures icy cold.


RovR RollR 60

Certified to withstand a grizzly attack, wheels to tackle any terrain, and name similar to that little robot we sent to Mars, the RovR RollR 60 is the cooler built for exploration or extended hours around the bbq. This RovR comes stock with a steel axle, a vertical rise to handle your favorite spirits stored in the upright position, and just when you think it’s all about the inside storage, this cooler has a removable wagon bin sitting on top. The RovR RollR 60 was built to roll with the punches and keep your goodies well insulated.


Otterbox Venture 65 Cooler

A cooler with an external bottle opener built in the framework… yes please. The Otterbox Venture 65 Cooler is designed in Colorado and built in the U.S.A with the intention that every outing is an ad-Venture. The bottom is slanted for easy draining, it will keep ice for up to 16 days, and above all else, this cooler is certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (how do you get on that committee?). No matter where you need to keep the supplies on ice, the Otterbox Venture 65 Cooler is ready to sign, SEAL, and deliver.


PARKIT Voyager

Certainly can’t deny the majority of the coolers out there are capable of doubling as a bench seat, but the Voyager has taken chilled comfort to the next level. Hidden under your rump is an insulated cooler that will hold ice for up to 8 hours and store just enough to keep you and a friend hydrated. The Voyager is a durable folding chair with an accompanying cup holder so those icy beverages are never in the warmth of your hand for more than a sip or chug. Take a seat and keep it cool with the Voyager from PARKIT.


Alpine PWD-CB1

Usually, you have to grab the speaker and the cooler when you head for the gathering, but the Alpine PWD-CB1 has other plans. The PWD-CB1 has all the benefits of a long-lasting insulated cooler with the added bonus of a high-quality stereo system built into the body. The cooler has Bluetooth connectivity and can be plugged into the car or other external power as not to drain the internal battery. And while Alpine is certainly an industry leader when it comes to audio, paired with the cooler body by Grizzly, this is an ice chest for the party.


Orca 40 Quart

“Murder was the case they gave me,” and that’s why you got to go murdered-out with the Orca 40 Qt. Made in the U.S.A with an easy-flow drainage sprout, this 40 qt cooler has the potential to keep you necessities chilled for up to 10 days. And because life is all about style points, the closure system is in fact to orca tails, bringing back the whale tail we’ve been waiting for. On the deck, out in the woods, or at home on the vessel, the Orca 40 Quart is a modern marvel of cooler design.


YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler

It’s not always about the hard knock life and when life presents the opportunity for a shoulder slung soft cooler, it goes without saying it’s got to be a YETI. The YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler is the quick acting cooler ready for an irish exit to wherever the gathering is being held. The zipper has a watertight seal and the closed-cell rubber foam offers far superior cold-holding to ordinary soft coolers. This YETI Hopper Flip Soft Cooler will undoubtedly slip into your EDC.



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The first cooler put things on ice back on February 24, 1951

If you’re heading down under, keep a lookout for a chilly bin or esky 

Cool·er – /ˈko͞olər/ – an insulated container for keeping food and drink cool