Home is where the hustle is


  • April 5, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: Ben Hitch

It’s a whole new world out there and with that, all or many of us are working from home. Maybe you’ve had the luxury of the commute from the bedroom to the “office” long before COVID-19 settled in, but for those of you that are new to the game, there is probably an opportunity for some much-needed improvements to your home office. And because you’re at home and no one, aside from a partner and/or kids is there with you, it’s time to upgrade that dining table desk to the CEO corner office you’ve always longed for.

Tanner Goods Valet Tray

Organization is key to life and that’s why a leather valet tray is crucial to the home office. The Tanner Goods Valet Tray is a masterpiece of Meridian English bridle leather with Portland-made brass press fit rivets forming walls for collection. Keep this Valet Tray on the corner of your desk filled with all the tidbits that don’t really have a home elsewhere, but now look good confined by Tanner Goods.


Craighill Desk Knife w/ Plinth

Not that you have a lot of snail mail coming through and require a badass knife to break the glue seal, but positioned for everyone to see, the Craighill Desk Knife w/ Plinth clearly shows you mean business. The knife is inspired by the Japanese kiridashi knife whilst being milled and finished in the U.S. And the Plinth, you got to have it to complete the look and provide a pedestal for your desk’s weaponry. Letters or a bag of chips, the Craighill Desk Knife w/ Plinth is primed to slice and dice.


Fellow Products Matte Black Combo

Perhaps you used to rely on the office for you K- Cup or would stop by your favorite cafe between point A and B for a cup of coffee, but now your home and by no means should you settle for anything less than the best. The Fellow Products Matte Black Combo is the stylish coffee tech you need to make a great cup of wake up juice. The Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle heats from 0 to 200 degrees in seconds and even just sitting on the counter, water rolls just looking in its direction. If you like coffee, if you like good looking functional kitchen products, this Fellow Products Combo is a must.


Voksun Turntable w/ Bluetooth

Regardless of the size of your record collection, a turntable is a style piece to elevate your office. Music and podcasts are going to be crucial while you’re home and have no one to meet at the office water cooler to exchange a few words, so welcome the Voksun Turntable w/ Bluetooth. It’s suited to handle the Temptations and even the current artists that thought it would be cool to lay one down on vinyl. Even better, as your record collection grows you can pump your tunes with Bluetooth through the accompanying speakers.


Bowers & Wilkins PX7

Just because you’re at the home office doesn’t mean you’ll be able to blast the jams all day or maybe you’ll have to shut out the world even further than the current state of affairs. And that is why you need the Bowers & Wilkins px7 for noise-canceling premium sound. The PX7 is Bluetooth compatible and when you think you’ve heard a noise in your house that’s not supposed to be there, lift the headphone and the music stops so you never miss a beat once you re-assure yourself that you’re still home all alone. And even when office life returns to the way of the past, the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 will block out all the shenanigans of cube life.


Grovemade Headphone Stand

While we’re on the subject of headphones, every home office needs a statement piece. The headphone stand is an essential standout for all audio junkies. It’s like a trophy case that shows anyone who wanders in your office after too many whiskeys the hardware that blows out the soundtrack to your day. A hustler’s headphones are more than a convenience, they are a tool, like Moses’ Staff or King Arthur’s Excalibur. Showcasing them on this handsome leather and wood stand is expressing love for your device, where tunes flow alongside the “cha-ching” of a cash register machine. 


Cooper Standing Desk Converter

Sitting on your rump for all hours of the day is doing nobody any good, especially with the coronavirus office life deterring much of the exercise we were all familiar with. And if you’re new to standup life, the
Cooper Standing Desk Converter is perfect to transform your 8th grade desk into a modern marvel. This desk will raise up 22” with a single squeeze of the paddle and right back down if you tire from standing. The built-in and lowered keyboard platform is optimal for keeping posture and looking straight into the camera for all those Zoom meetings. The Cooper Standing Desk Converter is a perfect answer to upgrade the dining room table desk.


FluidStance The Level

Now that you’re in the upright and locked position, let’s crack open the door to the benefits of standing with the FluidStance The Level. It’s like that balance board you had back in the day, but way better. The Level will relieve pressure on your joints when it comes time to up the playing field, add the Challenge Cap to exercise while you’re working. The Level far surpasses any standing pads while adding a bit of a game to the 9-5, and remember there are extra points for toes on the nose.


Anglepoise Model 90 Desk Lamp

Let there be light and let the provider be the Anglepoise Model 90 Desk Lamp. The LED lumens provide focussed light with the option to dim to your optimal working conditions. The base of the Model 90 is on a swivel and combined with the USB charging, this is a lamp that can be taken anywhere your home office goes… including the couch. Light up your life and your home office with the Anglepoise Model 90 Desk Lamp because there is no telling when the corona free sun will shine again.


Bellroy Notebook Cover + Pen

Just because you’re sitting at your computer with your phone in hand doesn’t mean you don’t need a notebook to jot down a note or the neighbor’s phone number from across the way. The Bellroy Notebook Cover + Pen is the perfect addition to any home office and if you get the chance to leave the house, then it doubles as an adventure journal. The magnetic closure keeps the premium and environmentally certified leather closed tight so none of your valuables slip out. And pre-loaded with a Bellroy notebook and paired with Notetaker, this notebook and pen combo puts shame to all those trapper keepers from middle school.


Nomad Base Station

Your EDC is now more a part of your home office than ever and jumping back and forth from virtual meetings your gear needs to be charged and ready to rock ‘n roll. The Nomad Base Station has the power and chic look for any of your wireless charging devices. Meticulously designed for aesthetics and performance. this docking station is primed for home office life with 3 high-power coils to charge one or two devices simultaneously at up to 10W each. The hub’s thin, sleek design integrates perfectly on your desk to keep you juiced up. Place the Nomad Base Station in hands reach and simultaneously in plain sight for the few people that are part of your quarantine life to see.


Pointer and Pine X Flag

To cap it off is a little artistic representation that x marks the spot in your office for all creative hustles and hard-working endeavors. Pointer and Pine flags are made in the Montanas North Rocky Mountains, this small operation is churning out hand-cut, hand-painted flags. Subtle but captivating, it’s perfect for the home office wall. There’s a good chance Charles Xavier has one hung up in his office too. 



Make sure you let your company know that with your new CEO home office deserves a CEO raise

Because you’re home, schedule at least 30min away from your desk for every aspect of sanity

If you’ve got a camera on your computer, keep it covered when you’re not using it – someone may be watching

Despite being home, make the effort to get dressed so the day is somewhat normal