Pandemic and chill


  • March 21, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: Ben Hitch

Nobody likes being stuck indoors, especially when the sun is shining. But given the current state of affairs, there is not much we can do right now except to hunker down and absolutely crush our respective streaming capabilities. There are only so many times you can re-watch your favorites before you really need to explore the extent of your digital library. And not knowing what the future holds and with a schedule of one movie per day, we’ve got the next two weeks lined out.

Dante’s Peak 1997

The world seems to be ending, so why not throw a massive volcanic explosion into the mix. A volcanologist (Pierce Brosnan) arrives at a countryside town recently named the second most desirable place to live in America, and it quickly becomes apparent that all hell is about to break loose. Naturally, the town is hesitant to acknowledge the volcano is brewing until it’s too late and then it quickly becomes a race against time with fire and lava falling from the sky. Dante’s Peak used to be a Sunday afternoon classic, now it’s a quarantine thriller.

The Peacemaker 1997

When a train carrying nuclear weapons collides with another train all hell breaks loose as it is quickly determined that not all warheads are accounted for. White House nuclear expert Dr. Julia Kelly (Kidman) and US Army Special Forces officer Lieutenant Colonel Devoe (Clooney) join forces to hunt down the man/men behind the heist and potential forthcoming terrorist attack. The Peacemaker has it all with guns, explosions, Army stuff, and naturally a threat against America.

Mars Attacks 1996

President Dale: “I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working for them, and that ain’t bad.”

Kubo and the Two Strings 2016

Everybody needs a little animation in their life and when a young boy embarks on a quest against nature and magic, Kubo and the Two Strings is a sure-fire necessity. Kubo lives a quiet life with his mother and ventures daily to his shoreside village to play his guitar and tell stories with the help of some mystical powers. Soon a spirit from his past returns with impending misfortune and Kubo must battle against the elements, gods, and monsters in order to locate his late father’s Samurai suit of armor.

The Voices 2014

Bosco: “Do you remember last week when you said there was an invisible line that separates good from evil and you thought you’d crossed it and I said, ‘no, no, no, you’re a good boy’?”
Jerry: “Yeah, I remember. So what?”
Bosco: “I’ve changed my opinion.”

Face/Off 1997

Sean Archer: “Tiny… surgery. I’d like to take his… his face- off.”

Executive Decision 1996

A man in a tuxedo ends up on a plane with an elite assault team after the quick demise of the great Steven Segal. Terrorists take over a 747 bound for the U.S. with the ambitions of setting their former leader free. Hostages are on the line while the team of commandos have to simultaneously attempt to take the plane and diffuse a bomb. It’s a thriller with all the right cues from the former relations of the U.S. and distant parts of the world.

The Whole Nine Yards 2000

Jimmy: “It’s not important how many people I’ve killed. What’s important is how I get along with the people who are still alive.”

The Rocketeer 1991

The invention of the jetpack with a piece of gum holding it all together seems like the perfect plot for a movie. And throw in some Nazis and a young Jennifer Connolley in distress, then I’d say bring it back to the big screen for the Best Picture nod. The Rocketeer has romance, gunfire, and explosions, and a huge blimp to fuel hours of questionable entertainment. It is a Disney, so that does paint the picture of what you’ll be getting into, but nearly 30 years since it’s release you better be on Disney + searching.

Death to Smoochy 2002

Randolph: “What are you, blind? It’s a cock! It’s not a rocket, you sick fuck! It’s a cock! Look. It’s a cock and balls! A dick! Chorizo and the huevos! It’s a big stiffy! It’s a penis! Penis Maximus! A willie! A weenie! Mr. Jiggle Daddy! The one-eyed wonder weasel! Don’t you see that? It’s Jimmy and the twins. Rumple Foreskin. He made this. It’s made from dil-dough.”

The Manchurian Candidate 2004

When his army unit was ambushed during the first Gulf War, Sergeant Shaw saved many of his comrades while the camera pans to watch the commanding officer be knocked unconscious. Shaw is later put into a position as vice-presidential nominee but is met with restraint by the former commanding officer Marco as he struggles to piece together the memory of the Gulf War events. The Manchurian Global Corporation is keen on keeping Marco away from Shaw and finding out the truth and ultimately taking away the White House. A war thriller with Denzel Washington, The Manchurian Candidate is ideal for Corvid19 Day 12.

Slap Shot 1977

Reggie Dunlop: “What are you guys doing?”
Steve Hanson: “Puttin’ on the foil!”
Jeff Hanson: “Every game!”
Jack Hanson: “Yeah, you want some?”

Rad 1986

When a pro BMX race, Helltrack, descends upon a small town, the young local has to fight against politics and pros for a shot at the trophy. Cru Jones, a paperboy has the skills necessary to compete with the best and proves his desire is far superior to the rest of the field. Rad has a town parade, a school dance where bikes take center stage, ass sliding, and the now controversial Ant Becky. It’s one of those movies that has a cult following and tiptoes the line of it’s so bad it’s good.

The Wave 2015

Kristian Eikjord: “Margot? Sound the alarm.”
Margot Valldal: “But…”
Arvid Øvrebø: “Margot! Go to red! Go to red! Margot, sound the alarm!”


Perfect Popcorn:

Pour 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil in the bottom of a medium/large pot. The oil should generously cover the bottom of the pot. Heat the pan over Medium/High heat and add 3 test kernels, put lid on.

After you hear the test kernels pop, take off the lid and add 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels to the pot, toss the lid back on.

Pop until it reaches the top, you’ll hear rapid poping when this happens as the room in the pot has run out

Add melted butter, and three solid cracks of sea salt