CHECK LIST for the open road


  • July 26, 2021
  • Tips
  • By: Mark McKee

The destination is chosen, oil changed, and a quick check of the tire pressure. You are ready for the open road; the world is yours for an EPIC road trip. But have you packed effectively? What have you forgotten that you will need down the road? There is nothing worse than finding yourself far from home and not having a useful tool or essential that will make your road trip ride smoother. Below is a list of key road essentials to toss in your pack or trunk—some obvious and others not so much. With these times along for the ride, you will be able to stay focused on experiencing the country and the beauty the way it is meant to be seen, from coast to coast and all that’s in between. Safe driving folks!

Power Bank - SHERPA 100AC + NOMAD 20 SOLAR KIT

Laptops, phones, tablets. We are a society that is connected through the digital world, which means our luggage, backpacks, and purses are filled with electronic devices and chargers. This power bank collects all of your chargeable devices in one place and allows you to stay connected no matter how far you are from home. Oh, and the extra badass feature we love the most is that this solar kit can keep you plugged in even if you decide to sleep under the stars instead of a plush hotel.


Eye Mask - GTS-2000 Deluxe Sleep Therapy Mask

If you have any problems sleeping at all, try falling asleep in the passenger seat of a car. Much less when it is moving at high speeds. It can also be uncomfortable sleeping in new and strange places, whether it is a hotel or campsite. Ancient wisdom joins with modern technology creating a revolutionary new way for you to clear your mind, quickly relax and get to sleep naturally.


Flashlight - Fenix PD36R 1600 Lumen USB rechargeable CREE LED tactical Flashlight

No matter what situation you find yourself in, a flashlight is always useful. This is a small and manageable light that can fit almost anywhere, glove box or center console for easy access is best. It also has 1600 lumen and almost 3 football fields of beam distance.

CYTIES TIP: It is surprising how many things in your life still use batteries. Common sizes are AA and AAA; these would be a must-pack in the car just in case.


First Aid Kit - Best Made Small First Aid Kit

Look, bad things happen. Scrapes, cuts, sprains, aches, and pains are inevitable when you are traveling and camping. The Best Made First Aid Kit is made for you to be prepared for any minor mishap with everything you need for basic first aid.

CYTIES TIP: Most GPS devices or apps will have ER’s and Ranger stations built into their maps, making them easy to find. Familiarize yourself with the surroundings, so you always know where the nearest help is (especially if you find yourself off the grid where 911 isn’t possible).


Water Bottle - Ocean Bottle Water Bottle

You can’t drink beer all the time on a camping trip, and definitely not a road trip. Your body needs to stay hydrated and when you’re driving, it is easy to forget that. This water bottle from Ocean Bottle is made with double-lined, insulated steel- keeping warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. Not to mention it is made from recycled materials, so every bottle you buy is the same as collecting a thousand plastic bottles out of the ocean.


Foam Roller - Morph Bravo - Collapsible Foam Roller

Driving all day can play hell on the vertebrae. When was the last time you sat in a car for hours on end and weren’t in pain by the end? As you get older, you find yourself needing to pack something like this bad boy here. This foam roller by Morph Bravo will keep you limber and active, so you aren’t the wet blanket on the fun. It also collapses down into a flat, packable shape.


Multipurpose Tool - Leatherman P2 - Multipurpose Plier

Every man should have a Leatherman. Just like Kleenex or Band-Aid… this product is high enough above the rest that its brand name has become the item name. Being prepared is never a bad idea, and this is much easier than putting a toolbox in the trunk. Hell, put it in the glove box with the flashlight.

CYTIES TIP: There are 19 tools in a Leatherman, familiarize yourself with each one and you will quickly become Johnny-On-The-Spot.


Shades - Sunski Treeline Glacier Goggles

Whether you are driving in the woods, through the mountains, or along the beach, the sun will be ever present. Chances are you will be driving into it at some point throughout the day and having a great pair of shades that are both functional and stylish is always a must. The Treelines have removable glare-blocking side panels that can take you from skiing on the mountain to lounging in the sand; they offer the convenience of function and the coolness of Steve McQueen.


Pack - Speck Travel Backpack

What are the components of a good day pack? Lightweight. Check. Functional. Check. Roomy. Check. This one has the added bonus of being badass. It has an external USB port to charge devices while on a day trip and also has a TSA lock for when your travels are less pleasure and more business. Make your packing easier by getting tools designed for you.



There you have it, everything you need to get you on the road and leaving your day-to-day worries behind. Grab the car ride games, download your kick-ass playlist (put a road atlas in the car to keep dad happy) and hit the road in search of adventure.