The legend has returned


  • November 15, 2020
  • Tips
  • By: Travis Platt

Everybody loves a comeback, especially when it’s one of the most epic and recognizable names in music culture—Tower Records has returned. Back in the day, bands would travel from the corners of the world just to get a glimpse of Tower Records on Sunset Blvd, thus becoming a household name for purchasing anything music-related for decades. Ultimately the company suffered the shocking fate of bankruptcy just 14 years ago.

If you’re a person that lives for music and the nostalgic culture of Tower Records, you’re beyond excited about the news of its digital rise from the dead. The relaunch of the iconic brand will live online selling records, while also including an online store for all your music or merch needs. Don’t fret, the analog experience isn’t fully extinct, as Tower plans pop-up shops across the nation at large music events, which would have debuted at SXSW if it wasn’t for…well you know.

We can all thank the unimaginable rise of vinyl as the catalyst to relaunch Tower Records. U.S. vinyl sales have been on a chairlift rise for 15 years, tapping out at $504 million in profit in 2019. Due to Americans staying safe at home this year, vinyl sales and online orders have skyrocketed to even higher than anticipated for 2020. Welcome back Tower Records, damn it’s good to see that red and yellow color scheme again.