• March 3, 2021
  • Vids
  • By: Ben Hitch

Candide Thovex, a legendary athlete and one of freeskiing’s most creative, uncompromising, and unconventional individuals, has taken his passions of skiing and full send capabilities and transferred them into a superior outerwear line.

From big mountain riding to the park and everything in between, the new CANDIDE line is designed to provide the best protection from the elements, a cut that’s modern yet offers full range-of-motion, and the block color styles for which Thovex is known.

Having skied in all kinds of snow conditions across the globe and after multiple years of testing CANDIDE prototypes, Thovex brought his experience directly to the technical design of the brand’s first line for Winter 20/21. The inaugural CANDIDE Collection includes the jacket, pants, bib, goggles, puffy, and fleece as well as accessories, with unisex styles and sizes for both men and women.

True to Thovex’s mission that the mountains should be available for everyone and caring for the natural environment, sustainability is a core tenet of CANDIDE. The line is crafted with the latest materials, including Bio PET bio-based polyester, PrimaLoft 100% post-consumer recycled insulation, Polartec synthetic fleece, organic and recycled polyester, and Global Merino wool. 

“The Collection is designed to be aspirational and reflect the freedom, creativity, and exhilaration that come from pushing ourselves.”

As an athlete, his unique vision combined with his creativity and “One of Those Days” series has continuously set new standards for skiers across the globe, and career highlights include having been the first French rider to win a Gold Medal at the X-Games and taking gold in all three skiing categories: Big Air, Slopestyle, and Superpipe.

This new outerwear line from Candide Thovex is guaranteed to set the tone for years to come and if your skillset permits, Thovex’s full send and casually impressive style will come with purchase in the front pocket