• September 9, 2020
  • Vids
  • By: CYTIES

Can’t deny we all have a special appreciation for the ’80s and the lust to bring back yet another epic… Dune. Originally hitting the big screen in 1984 lacking word-to-screen translation from the ’65 novel, director Denis Villeneuve seems to have a grasp on the story this time around while capturing the vast space landscape.

Set in the distant future, the struggle of warring families leads the story to a desert planet, home to a drug called “the spice”, capable of extending human life, raising thought and perception to superhuman levels, and brings foldspace travel to reality. The tech seems to be simultaneously futuristic and plausible as the full-body gear recycles sweat, urine, and feces into potable water. And where other films have failed miserably trying to bring space creatures to life, the sandworms will undoubtedly tunnel through dreams well beyond your exit from the theater. Movies are set to come back to the big screen very soon (fingers crossed) and come December 2020, Villeneuve’s DuneĀ should do the classic novel justice after decades of waiting to take us all to Arrakis.