A Bag for every man

We are all headed somewhere, and it’s the bag we take along with us that keeps our valuable times safe and organized. From rooftops to beaches, these are the CYTIES team’s top choices for any kind of man on the move.

” I don’t want to play out of another man’s bag.” — Ben Webster

The Adventurer

From the Metro line to the mountains, the 48-Hour Duffle from Filson is made to withstand all that can be thrown at it. Designed for a spur of the moment overnight adventure, it’s old finish tin cloth repels rain and snow to keep the inside items protected. The adjustable shoulder strap makes for an easy carry through any foot traffic. A trolley strap is built in for rolling check-in luggage, just in case that last happy hour IPA leads to an impulse ticket purchase.

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The Jetsetter

If James Bond was traveling today, this is the carry-on that Q would hand him — minus the lasers. Unbreakable with smooth design, ‘The Carry-On’ from Away Luggage will keep your airport style on point while rolling through the crowds in any concourse. While you power up on a martini in the club lounge, your gadgets will too with a built in battery that charges any USB device. A vital feature, because there is nothing worse than your mid-flight playlist cutting short due to irresponsible battery use.

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The Camera Junkie

Keep your gear in mint condition, and shoot with an ease of mind with the Raven from Hex. The top zipper provides quick and easy access to your camera for that shot that always finds you when your lens is put away. The inside has removable portions to adjust to any personal preference, while the front has an iPad/tablet slot for quick uploads and edits. If you’re a creative mind fueled for the next photo op, this bad boy constructed with EVA foam compartments, waterproof zippers, and tripod straps is all you need.

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The Rambler

Rugged and durable for your next adventure in the great wide open, is the LAND Pack form Outland Provisions. The hardware on the waxed canvas design is solid brass accompanied with a Swiss RIRI zipper and premium bridle leather. Built for any environment the LAND Pack gets better with age, along with the travel stories that come along with it. Take it any where in the world and create your own tale, just like the team at Bear Goods did when they tossed it in their Land Rover to take on New Zealand. Carry on, Ramble on.

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The Rider

We are all riders through life. If your choice is via a board ripping waves, it happens to be damper than most. The Panga 50 from YETI is 100% waterproof, and even with a full submerge it will keep your items dry. The “Thickskin” is puncture proof, and the quick grab handles make it easy to snag. If water is part of your routine this duffel is made for you, because if you can’t go toes-to-the-nose, you at least have to spend one night sleeping in Costa Rica’s sand, right?

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The Commuter

When we cruise urban grids, we look to the Topo Rover Pack to keep our items in check. Perfect for a transition from work, to gym, to happy hour with the crew. If you commute via bike, the size makes it easy to strap up and weave through traffic. Be sure to grab a CYTIES Scout pin in our store to throw on the front, so everyone stuck traffic can see what a badass you are while splitting the rush hour filled lanes.

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The Mixer

The man who brings the drinks, is the man who makes the party. We like to think Hemingway took this bartender tool case with him when trekking through Africa’s plains for stirring mixtures at the campfire while telling endless stories. Room for shakers, strainers, jiggers, bar spoons or any go-to cocktail tools, it’s made to roll up so you can roll into any scene and steal the show.

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