May the open road guide the way


We’re just as shocked as you, it’s actually September. There’s only one way to cap off the end of Summer 2020 before fall antics commence, and that’s with an epic road trip through the curiosities of the country. The open road is made for the modern explorer, and with each twist and turn, the freedom to traverse the boundless wonders is what truly fuels the engine of the mind. We’ve got you covered with some essentials to keep you sharp and styled while the tires get dusty, items that can withstand a little speed. With the open road comes the chance to unplug and really take in the surroundings. We encourage you to turn off the smartphone, leave the inboxes unchecked, bust out a trusty map, and write down the experiences amidst the endless miles. Wherever the adventure on four (or two) wheels takes you, check into CYTIES daily to help inspire the journey forward as September will be dedicated to the greatness of a road trip, helping forge the path ahead on and off the charted route.

“I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” –Walt Whitman

Quilted Pack Jacket

The music is loud but soothing, you can tell your company (if any) has the same mindset as you by the piercing look in their eye. Today — You tied your boots tighter than normal. Your transportation is packed up and ready to set sail on the exploration of summer’s finale. But the essential you’re most excited about bringing is the one you’ve been itching to put on for the last few steaming months. Carefully, sleeve by sleeve slip on your Filson Quilted Pack Jacket and feel as it sends a tingle down your spine. With a low collar, it’s perfect for keeping a low profile while zipping through the piney outskirts of whichever city you embark on. Its versatility makes it ideal for any season. This handsome Filson layer will be your go-to coat for the cooler times ahead.


Nixon Porter Leather 40mm

When the hands are on the wheel and speeds are increasing, you need a timepiece that isn’t intrusive. The ultra-thin, tapered case of Nixon’s Porter Leather offers minimal weight and maximum wearability when hitting the concrete on foot or in vehicle. Crafted with Miyota Japanese quartz 3 hand movement, it’s also water resistant for up to 50 meters for any sporadic cannonballs into some late summer glacier water. The watch is sleek and sits comfortably on the wrist. And though the road offers less on constraints on any kind of deadline, it’s good to know what time the sunset is so you can get put a little pedal to the metal and get to that look out at just the right time.


Rugged Twill Duffle

There is a theme here, and it’s not as obvious you might think. Sure, Road Trip, but the essentials in this list, the ones made to help you take off on your journey like a rocketship headed to Mars, are all made to weather the elements that you whole-heartedly seek out. Don’t overthink this, The Filson Twill Duffle is a household name in the Americana heritage casa for good reason. It comes equipped with Bridle Leather handles and features a water- and abrasion-resistant Rugged Twill. And there it is, the hidden theme of the month — RUGGED



When hitting the road, a few things are absolutely necessary, gas and a camera. The sleek and top of the line Leica Q-P Camera is cased discreetly, making it compact and easy for a stash in the glove compartment. Yes, the price tag is worth it for a Leica, it just doesn’t fail. With a 28mm lens, it’s not only dependable but stealthy. A perfect companion for the open road to document all its wonders around ever corner from East to West.



Make some room, shuffle some packs around and make sure you toss the Parks book in the trunk. The yellow cover opens up to unload on the United States’ network of natural wonders. Created by graphic designers Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth with photographer Brian Kelly, Parks is stacked with 384 pages of U.S. National Park brochures, maps, posters, and more that span decades of design styles. It’s perfect to help unwind after a long day behind the wheel while inspiring the next stop. When the journey on the open road is over, it makes one hell of a coffee table edition at the homestead.


Rove Vent Freshener

Upgrade the scent in your ride with the Rove, a minimal, non-intrusive, air freshener from our pals at Drift. The design fits in to blend with a dash, wafting out the best scents to keep your cockpit crisp and fresh. These scents are seriously addicting too, made with essential and fragrance oil blends. We go with the Teak, which is described as amber, pepper, musk, with a hit of teak and cedar. Road trips are meant for lots of moments where the windows are down, but when they are up, activate the Rove to cruise fresh.


The Drop Point Knife

There’s a damn good chance we’ll have a pocket knife in every single catalog. There are just so many good ones and never a bad reason not to have one handy. However, when you’re hitting the road in search of endless opportunities in—what better be—the great outdoors, the right pocket blade is an ABSOLUTE must. The Drop Point Knife in brass from Taylor Stitch is a limited release and may never be in stock again, so grab it while you still can. You never know when you’ll need to cut some rope, a good steak, or have to fight off a mean ol’ grizzly…


Nocs Standard Issue 8x25 Waterproof Binoculars

Built to withstand a beating, be it weather or water, these binoculars get the job done. With road trips come epic spur of the moment pull over views, the Nocs Standard Binoculars will help you see the distant views in HD. Nocs are built for the modern explorer who carries on that spirit of exploration and curiosity. Wrapped in a non-slip grip and built to easily fit in a pack or large pocket for easy access, with the Nocs you won’t be missing any glorious Red-Tailed Hawks soaring high above a waterfall.


Bellroy Micro Pen

The design of the Bellroy Micro pen makes it easy to travel with, as it’s compact and lightweight. The open road does some amazing things for the soul, and chances are you’re want to write it all down. You already have the journal log, so here is the trusty pen you need to compliment it. The smooth all point will glide out your thoughts and observations, while metal clip to attach into folders and pockets with ease. Not to mention everyone needs quick access to a pen when plotting the course.


The Mehlville Carabiner

The EDC game is next level when it comes to the clip you chose to attach your car keys to. Meet James Brands Mehlville, designed from scratch to stand apart visually and functionally. It contains a dual compartment construction that securely locks into place, fashioned from machined aluminum for incredible strength. Toss the rigs keys on here and rest assured when they leave the ignition they will be attached to you, not going anywhere. The wide opening at the top leaves plenty of room latch onto everything from backpack straps to belt loops.


The Dean Boot

Constructed for your inner-badass, the rouge cowboy who pulls at your heartstrings like an Angel or Devil on the shoulder, flicking your compasses towards any direction of adventure. Step one is lacing them up, after that, these boots will do the work, keeping a rugged look, while still letting the on-lookers know that you mean business. This durable but sharp set of leather is constructed in a Portugal factory by a third-generation family of boot makers with over 50 years of experience. The miles you put on them this season will live ingrained in the weathered leather and soul for a lifetime.


Adventure Notebook Pack (3-set)

Hold the phone. Actually, don’t. Don’t even think about holding it. Leave it locked away somewhere tight — outta sight, outta mind. Let the trail take you where it may and on your exploration jot down your tales, lyrics, thoughts, poems, and sketches. These Bexar Goods Adventure Notebooks are made for one thing, and that’s ADVENTURE.


Grab the map, pack the car, drive in any direction. Sometimes getting lost is the way to lead to the next adventure. Safe travels, take it all in and know when you pull the car back into the driveway, it’s time for one of our favorite seasons here at CYTIES, fall. Wait ’till you see what we have in store.