Bonded By Craft


Halloween has arrived a few weeks early this year. Instead of mini snickers bars and little bags of skittles, it’s candy soaked in Balthazar leather, fastened to your feet to make you feel like an October shadow that’s made to blaze through exploration and chase an undertaking desire for adventure.

The collaboration of Death & Co. and Helm Boots looks like it was created in a moonlit downtown alleyway, joining forces between the likes of battling skyscrapers. Two entities that span from different dimensions of a modern gentleman’s universe, both timeless in their own right. The perfect compliment to a daring cocktail has always been a tasteful style. And such, there is no better treat to lacing up a pair of bold boots and barreling into a haunt that only exercises the most enchanting of imbibes.

Their present to man, not one, but two styles of midnight black boots. We’ve all heard the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll and his evil creation of Mr. Edward Hyde. Well, in this story, Dr. Jekyll is no more, and instead, two bad boys have replaced his kind heart, and they go by the names The Cole and The Ryder.

The Cole

Half boot and half sneaker, The Cole walks the thin line between stylish and sleek. It’s comfort out the box with a sporty yet classy look that will be with you to blend the day into night. Made of soft Balthazar leather and features an extra padded shaft and tongue. This is the shoe you put on in the morning and take off the following morning — if you catch our drift. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and these shells are hotter than a parade in the underworld.


The Ryder

The more contemporary of the two. This is The Sundance Kid to Butch Cassidy. It’s not as outspoken as The Cole, but surely just as effective. It’s where the words “timeless” and “speed” meet down a two-lane highway with nothing but the city at your back, and a rogue adventure dead center in your sights. Ready for any type of journey, The Ryder takes inspiration from a classic hiking boot, incorporating traditional elements of functionality with a rugged and long-lasting Stavos sole. With a polished finish, these boots have never met an escapade they don’t like, and smile in the face of a little danger.


Photo Credit: @shawnxcampbell


Death & Co. is an iconic cocktail institution. With current locations in NYC, Denver, and Los Angeles

Both boot styles will include exclusive Death & Co cocktail how-to’s, recipes, and a limited black shoe bag

HELM sneakers and boots are made of Balthazar leather developed by a third-generation, family-owned tannery – founded in 1940 in Santiago Dominican Republic