Time seems to be simultaneously whipping by and stuck in a standstill. But it’s 2021 and no matter what side of the bed you wake up on, the world is making some serious steps in the right direction. If you rise each day without the skillset to adapt, find the pillow because today is not going to be your day and the same philosophies should apply to your threads. Yesterday is the past and that’s why pushing forward with your style, accouterments, and presentation must far surpass any efforts of wildin’ out to the nines. With the guidance of Huckberry.com this catalog is set to prepare you for the unknown and a chance to reinvent yourself in the forthcoming post ‘rona world. Don’t do as you’ve done, surprise yourself and others by taking a giant leap forward.

Rover Highlander Jacket

Proof is the pudding when you #hittheconcrete in the Rover Highlander Jacket. This jacket has ample storage space with pockets right where you want and need them, with snap and zipper closures for confidence in the security of your EDC. The stretch Rover fabric allows for unrestricted movement and the eco-friendly dye acts like your favorite selvage denim breaking in with time. The Rover Highlander Jacket is the piece to start the day with knowing that uncertainty doesn’t stand a chance with your tailored and durable look.


GR1 1000D Slick 21L

Sleek and demanding recognition, the GORUCK GR1 is American made pack capable of battling through city streets, transporting the WFH office to Little Owl Coffee, and if by chance life is coming at you like a wrecking ball, the special forces-grade materials and bombproof construction won’t even bat an eye. There is a dedicated sleeve for your laptop and internal mesh pockets to keep your essentials secure. This is an exclusive collab with small batch production which only amplifies the style points of this pack and before the day is out, take note that GR1 is stitched to go well beyond the familiarities of the paths you’ve taken in the past.


Dolomite Boot

There are a few words or phrases that stop us in our CYTIES tracks, pulling in our full attention. One of these word combos is “Cold Beer”, the other is “Handmade in Italy.” When it comes to lacing up the trusty pairs of boots that help us forge ahead, Rhodes is a pair we reach for every time. The Dolomite is rugged, yet crafted with comfort, and the result is longevity and endless adventures. The upper part of the boot is made from premium European vegetable-tanned leather, then lined in flexibale calfskin, while the rubber soles will have you gliding through any day—pulling together any casual outfit with class and grit.  Your shelf real-estate might have a few diverse pairs for different versions of life’s natural elements, the Dolomite is your every day, city exploring, hit the concrete kind of “go get ‘em” boot. 


Astronaut Pen Holder

Space, the final frontier. Your empty page, also the final frontier. Sometimes getting the pen to the paper is one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind. This USA made solid pewter Astronaught is your new wingman, set to hold your mightiest weapon—your new Stillwell Pen that you’ll discover below. Not only is it functional, but makes any desk or workspace out of this world. If you’re a fan of anything intergalactic, this starman is destined for you and will have you feeling like Major Tom himself. 



Designed with dive specs in mind, the style and quality of the UNIMATIC U1 can be seen from the deep bellows of the sea. This watch is powered by a Japanese-made Seiko NH35A automatic mechanical movement that is sure to keep your agenda in check and if by chance you got lost in the chaos, the date is located at 6 o’clock. And when the sun drops below the horizon, the Super-LumiNova C1 luminous paint truly shines. This watch was built on durability and from stainless steel with a scratchproof sapphire glass crystal. There is a saying that if you’re on time, you’re late and if you’re early, you’re on time… with the UNIMATIC U1 all you’ll have to worry about is letting your friend know exactly, to the second, how late they really are.


The Great Smoky Mountains' Maplewood + Moss Candle

An escape to the great outdoors has never been easier or more comfortable than with the strike of a match and lighting up The Great Smoky Mountains Paddywax Candle. The crackling wood wick, hand-poured soy wax, and Maplewood & Moss fragrance hoists the praise of this Tennessee made candle. This flame is an homage to the U.S. National Parks and the flora that blanket the floors of the Great Smoky Mountains. This handmade candle is a soothing escape from the urban jungles most of us find ourselves in and a reason to “take me home, down country roads”.


The Pike - Exclusive

Don’t you just love exclusive releases? Especially when they are as SHARP as this one right here. James Brand brought it all to the table to craft this handsome knife for the team at Huckberry, fusing minimalist design and functionality. As an everyday pocket carry, this knife is crafted with exclusive rosewood and brass and is incredibly limited in quantity, so we highly recommend grabbing one while you can. It has the craftmanship of today but looks and feels vintage—this is one hell of a knife for daily carry.


Stagg Tasting Glasses

When it comes to coffee, there is always room to step up your game. These double-walled glasses made by Fellow are designed to give your morning, afternoon, or evening brew a blast in flavor. The shape of the hand blown glass helps you achieve the full spectrum of the coffee flavors, and they simply look a lot more badass than your ceramic airport gift shop vessel. The top of the set of glasses tapers to a single-wall rim for easy sipping on any hot coffee concoction. Twin Peaks would be very proud of how far we’ve come from just a simple mug.


The Stilwell

There is something to be said about a good pen and how the ink hits the paper. Needless to say, the James Brand has yet again stepped above the rest with the Stilwell. It’s a lightweight aluminum finish that is great for those on the move and when it comes time to put words to paper, this ballpoint tip flows with ease. And because life is about your EDC these days, this Stilwell has a two-part collapsable construction allowing you to throw this pen into any size pocket. Quite simply, there is no better pen than the James Brand Stilwell to transcribe your greatest ideas and redraft your handwritten “Do you like me – YES or NO?” notes from 8th grade.


Secretary Modular Bifold + Tracker Card

No matter how you house your bankroll, the Ekster Secretary Modular Bifold + Tracker Card is the best of both worlds. This wallet has the classic bifold design we’ve all come to love, but when it’s time to lighten the load, this wallet has a detachable magnetic cardholder. And as life can be a little too much fun sometimes and bits of your EDC can get left behind, this Ekster wallet has a built-in solar-powered tracking card that connects to your Bluetooth. You might not be able to fill the 10+ bill and card-carrying capacity, but when it comes time to cover the tab, rest assured that your Secretary Modular Bifold demands the recognition of all the benjamins.

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