Spring is knocking on the door and this month’s TOP TEN Collection from Huckberry is keen on tackling what lies ahead. The uncertainty of what Mother Nature may bring in the coming weeks shall be no obstacle to what you have scheduled, especially when you’re iced head to toe from the best of Huck’s offering.

We take pride in digging deep into the library of brands and making your day just that much easier with the goods we’ve found. Life is collaboration of events and friendships, and while times can be tough, it’s all about grasping what’s in front of you and taking the knowledge of today to plant the seeds that will grow the fruit in your next life.

Similar to Dr. Dre keeping his “ear close to the streets, signed Eminem” the CYTIES team will continue to scourer the best of Huckberry’s offering and present the goods to you, the only way we know how.

The Lightwell Field Watch Mark III

Centric Instruments are masters at creating timepieces that excel with daily wear, not to mention this Field Watch is powered by the sun and fits with any outfit. The Lightwell Fieldwatch Mark III design is minimal and unintrusive, allowing it to be your everyday watch while you navigate through the different paths of life. It never needs a battery replacement, as it’s solar-powered and only gets stronger with each daily wear—one minute of sunshine juices it up for 24 hours. The hands and markers are coated with Super-LumiNova for the nighttime glow. A few watches are always appropriate in the rotation; the Lightwell Fieldwatch Mark III is made to steer the ship for long hours while the others clock out and wait.


Forge and Foundry Walnut Patch Knife

There is a certain stigma that comes with a fella that has a sheath and knife strapped to his belt, and there is a certain nod to those who carry the Forge and Foundry Walnut Patch Knife. The natural black patina blade is made from 80crv2 high carbon steel that’s heat treated for toughness. And the blade is met by a black walnut handle is finished with white inlay and brass loveless bolts. The Walnut Patch Knife might appear to be a little much for urban life, but let’s face it, there are no rules these days.


Huckberry Beanie

Let’s get straight to the point, this classic fisherman style beanie from Huckberry was made in Japan, and it just seems the Japanese always figure out how do things a little better and with oh, so much style. The knit is a hybrid blend of acrylic, wool, nylon, and just a little spandex for when Saturday with the boys goes into hyperdrive. And while March and spring are knocking on the door, it’s important to keep the Huckberry Beanie within an arm’s reach.


Mission Workshop Drift Tote

If you know anything about Mission Workshop, you know this Drift Tote was stitched to stand the test of time. An exclusive with Huckberry, this tote is made from weather-resistant, American-made 10 ounce waxed canvas with the intent of keeping all your gear organized and safe from the elements. And because we live life at our fingertips, this tote has a designated smartphone pocket with zipper for extra security. Take this Drift Tote on your next adventure because the fun begins when the magician pulls the rabbit from bag.


Flint and Tinder Wool-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket

Warmer months “ahead” is the key phrase here. While we are ecstatic about summer shades, Mexican beer by the pool, and whatever artist rules the summer airwaves, the air is still quite chilly. The Wool-lined Waxed Trucker Jacket in chocolate l is ready for spring. The color matches the trees when the snow melts off the trunks, the body is fully lined with a Japanese recycled wool blanket cloth, designed to keep you warm as the moon blocks out our blazing ball of fire. Cut, sewn, and finished in Los Angeles, this waxed coat will look finer with age.


OrbitKey Nest

Not all of us have a superhero utility belt or a secret briefcase of CIA gadgets. But, we can have the Orbitkey from Nest that will keep all our tech accessories organized and in one place. Stash your earbuds, specs, charging cables, USB, etc., inside two customizable dividers and pockets. The interior is padded and to keep all your tech safe and sound, and the inside is also a charging hub for your phone, so you never go into the red. Once you’re settled in one place (modern explorers rarely are), use the lid as a valet tray for your keys or other go-to EDC items.


Alba Optics Solo

Alba optics is deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of cycling. The body of the frame and the essence of the lens is made as a window to capturing a glimpse at stunning natural landscapes while off and on the saddle of a bike. The retro design is handmade in Italy, and the skeleton of these optics is fashioned to withstand rigorous wear and tear. Simultaneously, the color equalizer tint allows for maximum clarity, and the central vent enables heat to escape before ever fogging up your view. If your the kind of adventurous soul that is looking for a frame that matches your speed, lock on the detachable side flaps of the Solo and don’t look back.


Seager Co. Tall Boy Tumbler

Holds 20 oz of whatever the hell you’re tossing in your cup this season. During these wild times we are in, believe us, there is no judgment here. Coffee, water, or just filled to the brim with something that’ll make the hair on the back of your arm stand up. The Seager Co. Tall Boy will keep drinks hot or cold for 6+. Stay fueled up for the long haul as you embark on a rigorous hike, trip to the beach, or are just trying to stay “equipped” in the right way while holding hands with your sweetheart for a long day at the park.


Gent's Original Spiced Blood Orange Cocktail Mix

There should always be a little room on the home bar shelf for some new and exciting additions, especially when it’s handmade cocktail mixes straight from good ‘ol bourbon country. This is Gents Original Spiced Blood Orange Cocktail Mix, here to enhance your delicious homemade imbibes. With all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, it’s an easy add that produces incredible flavors with Bourbon, Rye, or Mezcal. The small 8-ounce bottle makes up to 16 drinks; treat yourself to all those sunset toasts and nightcaps. 


Astorflex Bitflex

Handmade in Italy, the Chelsea boot has been worn by everyone from The Beatles to Kanye. If you’re trying to up your style game this year, these boots should be the first check off the list. Who would have thought that a boot that has made such a cultural impact is also a slip-on? While lacing up a pair of bad boys can give a true feeling of grit, there is no denying the feeling of ease when slipping on a pair of Chelseas.  The soft suede is from Europe and made with environmentally friendly construction. Paired nicely with Chinos or dark jeans, you’re looking more stylish already.