With all the distractions of ’20, we’ve been thinking about the new year’s arrival A LOT. So, in a sense, it almost feels as if we are all going back to the future. Consider Huckberry our Flux Capacitor on this tire flaming ride right into a fresh new year. With the holidays in their grand finale and life feeling somewhat back to a regular routine, it’s vital to leave time and space for a few new upgrades for your own well being. Our Top Ten Hunt on Huckberry.com this time around includes a few reminders to take with you into 2021; to eat more healthy, keep stepping forward, not waste time, enjoy the views, stay hydrated, stay sharp, and get a damn good night’s sleep (something we all need). Jump in and put those gift cards to good use, and stock up to be the best version of your own self as we open the Gull-Wing Door to 2021—GREAT SCOTT!

Wool Herringbone Chore Jacket

Whether your plans for NYE are to welcome 2021 or give 2020 a firm kick in the hiney, you’ve got to look sharp doing it, and the Wool Herringbone Chore Jacket is just the piece to sign, seal, and deliver. The heavy-duty wool herringbone fabric closed by a five-button front entry is optimal for cold and blustery adventures through the city streets while the single interior pocket is fine-tuned for your little black book after you pull digits from your midnight smooch. It’s made in France, so you know there is a certain type of styled culture that comes when you’re out and about in the Wool Herringbone Chore Jacket.


Aer Gym Duffel 2

If shaking off your COIVD 19 (lbs) is your New Years’ resolution, we’ve got the bag for you. The Aer Gym Duffel 2 is equipped with everything you need to get lean and mean and keep it high and tight. It has plenty of compartments for clothes, a laptop, a water bottle, and a ventilated shoe compartment. All created lightweight and using an eco-friendly material dying process. Grab this bag from Huckberry, and it’ll carry you into a more healthy 2021.


The Brunswick Boot

No steps backward, we’re marching straight into 2021 with our heads held high, proud of the accomplishments of the year, and ready for the greatest 365 days yet. The Brunswick Boot by Rancourt & Co. is exclusively available at Huckberry. Each pair is hand made by skilled shoemakers. The uppers of the boot are cut from a British-made Snuff Kudu leather—the African antelope’s hide is renowned for being tough and durable but also supple like deerskin. The end result is one of the best damn boots money can buy, and one that if taken care of will easily take steps into the future that your children will saunter into.


Founder 32oz - Union Top

A sleek design with 32 ounces of fluid capacity, the Purist Collective Founder is dialed to keep you hydrated well beyond the unknown. The leak-proof seal will keep your refreshments hot for up to 12 hrs and cold up to 24 hrs. And the unbreakable interior glass finish will keep your drinks tasting as fresh as the moment they were poured in. Without a doubt, the Founder is a water bottle for the futurists.


Japanese Bunka Chef Knife with Saya

This is the year of eating healthy from the comfort of home. It’s easy to be intimidated by at home cooking, especially if you don’t have the right tools. We are here to remind you of the age-old saying; “you gotta start somewhere!” The Japanese Bunka Chef Knife isn’t just the right place to begin, but sets you up for immediate success. It’s hand-forged in Japan from powder steel and will be your go-to kitchen knife for life. The Pakka handle has an octagonal shape that operates for both right-handed and left-handed use. This is an essential object for anyone with a kitchen, and with careful attention and practice, you’ll be spatchcocking a chicken to the Chef movie soundtrack in no time.


Habanero Salt

Salt is a reminder that in 2021 you’re bringing all the flavor. Whether it be in style, food, or charisma, this year is yours for the taking. Jacobsen Salt Co. out of the PNW pulls pure, clean seawater from Netarts Bay and processes it by hand into some of the highest-quality salt in the country. The Habanero Salt combines the hot, smokiness of peppers with the flavor of elite sea salt. Sprinkle this on the rim of your next cocktail or toss it on some roasted corn or BBQ chicken. See you in 2021 with ALL THE FLAVOR.



We’ve said it before, and we will say it again… CYTIES is a firm believer that you should have a collection of frames for all types of life adventures. A new pair of sunglasses for a new year will help remind us to get out and see some epic views. The Weekenders from our pals at Huckberry are just what the doctor ordered for daily wear and tear. The hardy construction allows these specs to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, while the lightweight design reflects the retro Wayfarer silhouette. For the price point, it just doesn’t get better than the Weekenders. Are they Tom Ford or Persol?—no. Are they just what you need 5 days a week?—yes.


Wave Plus Multi-Tool

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you have to be able to adapt at moment’s notice, and with the Leatherman Wave Plus stowed away in your EDC, there shouldn’t be any problems. Made from stainless steel, this multi-tool bears 17 compact tools including a bottle opener, screwdriver, knives, and scissors certain to get you out of any jam. And because there is no room to carry the bulk of an arsenal, the Wave is the answer to EDC mobility and comes in handy 11 out of 10 times.


Scott Cassell Deep Dive

Is time a gift or an illusion? We live by it, plan our lives to the tempo of its music, and either hold its fleeting moments sacred or watch them drift away. ‘20 has given the continued perspective that the physics of time is precious. Let this Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive be a daily reminder to enjoy every moment that ticks by. However… if 2020 was only a glimpse into the future, this Dive Watch, worn by Navy Seals, and built for unparalleled durability and utility will be more than just a cool looking gadget, but a trusted accessory in our apocalyptic effort to secure water and resources… Just kidding. Happy New Year, and remember, even if time is only an illusion, we’re only on this rock for a hot minute, so spend your time smiling, thriving, and creating.


Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

Do not, and ever underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. With a new year comes the dedication to upgrading the sleeping quarters. When the mind and body are working all day long, the zzz’s are a very important part of the recovery process. It’s a fact that if you treat your nightly routine to upgrades, you will sleep much better. Start this process with Upstate’s Stonewashed Linen sheets, a set that is created by craftsmen that have been making the sheets for generations. Easy to wash and maintain, the crisp linen fabric is woven with 100% linen and stonewashed for a soft sleep experience from the very first night. It will make the bedroom feel like that hotel bed from your last vacation that couldn’t stop talking about. Nighty night, time to dream of a brand new year.

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