Riding tandem into spring with our pals at Huckberry


Spring has sprung, and a new season means new gear, new threads, new adventures, new mindset. To equip up for a world that is starting to feel just a little bit normal again, our team went hunting to carefully select this month’s Top Ten from our lifestyle sidekicks over at Huckberry.com. The Huck team for us is like having the coolest travel pal who’s tossed the keys to their gear garage so you can roam around and stock up on what you need. Here are the 10 items that we found that we believe will outfit our readers through April, and enhance life as we spring forward into a new chapter. Don’t worry Huckberry, we locked up the garage when we were done. 

Windsurf Pocket Crew

Spring calls for having that go-to layer, one that can toss on easily for post-sunset temperature drops and BBQs in the park. Relwen’s Windsurf is our favorite this season, which doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to obsessive attention to detail. Constructed with waffle lining, it holds a soft textured feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of. The Windsurf Pocket Crew is your co-pilot layer from the beach, to the brewery, to the golf course, to anywhere your headed this spring/summer.


Sunski Couloir

Sunski has released its new spring styles, and the Couloir had us locked in as soon as our team saw it. The style is bold, fit with polarized lenses, and contains the gadget we love the most from Sunski, the removable magnetic sides. The Couloir takes inspiration from automotive design, reminding you to turn the corner to adventure. As we mentioned, the lenses are polarized and tuned for the perfect optical clarity, treated with scratchproof thermal hardcoat for max durability. At the same time, the Polycarbonate frames are durable and outfitted with a lock-tight steel hinge. Sunski and their designs keep getting better, gold records with each release. The Couloir is that hit track that is going to be on repeat for a decade. 


The Seager Boys Snapback

There is something about tossing on the ‘old trusty cap that lets the mind know a job well done, or day well spent, and time for a cold one. A nod to the Rocky Mountains cowboy culture, Seager Co has created Old West caps ready for long getaways and endless good times this spring. The cap is made from a hemp and cotton blend that will only get better with time, as the patch on this snapback is an ode to their team and a symbol to live friendly and active lives with the ones you love. Well, it’s got us CYTIES boys saying ‘yeehaw’ for those times you toss your cap on and kickback. 


Lensatic Compass

It helps to know where you’re going in life, and every modern explorer should have a compass of some sort (not the one on your smartphone). It’s a symbol of discovery and perhaps one of the most important objects ever invented when it comes to mapping out a path; after all, it’s literally in our CYTIES logo. The Lensatice Compas is built tough, as Brunton has been in the business of creating navigational devices since 1894. It’s got military-style features with a sighting lens for enhanced orienteering when you’re out exploring—toss it in the car for some inspiration. 


Morning Mojo Bar Soap

A fresh season calls for a fresh upgrade in your grooming department—Ursa Major to the rescue. With a soothing and exfoliating sensation, the Morning Mojo Bar Soap is a must-have to attack the wee hours. Call to the city skyline and mountain tops with its fresh scent and suds up to wash the mind and body for a new day. 100% naturally-derived and made with certified sustainable palm oil.


SeaVees 08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Standard

How peculiar of CYTIES not to feature some leather or suede boots as the footwear for this month’s edition of Huckberry top 10. Spring has snuck up on us like a hurricane from the pacific. Only instead of destruction, it’s barreling sunlight, freedom, and of course… saltwater. Toss the SeaVees on this season with some rolled-up chinos or your choice shorts. The 08/63 Hermosa Plimsoll Standard celebrates the first skateboard contest held in August 1963. SeaVees’ new take on the classic features a vintage wash and exclusive signature touches.


Daypack 26L

Danner Boots are known to take you to the depths of hell and back. Longlasting, durable and straight badass. Their daypack is built with the same craftsmanship. Whether you’re cruising to the beach, hiking in the PNW, packing up to sit at your favorite coffee shop (yeah, that’s about to be a thing again), or jolting up to Mars for an afternoon picnic. Okay, maybe that last one was a little too far, but the colors give us Red Planet vibes, and we’re all about it.


Flyweight Flex Short

Relwen doesn’t mess around when it comes to uncomplicated apparel. Hailing from the rugged Midwest, every item made is constructed to last, every stitch has a purpose and every single detail matters. The end result of their products is casual but handsome. Rock these shorts from the beach to the outdoor pub and never miss a beat. Ocean breeze, hazy IPA’s, and warm spring nights are here, and they’re here to stay.


Pitch Black Dot-Graph Note Book 2-Pack

Gents, we’re living in a time that will be written and talked about for the next 200 years. While this last trip around the sun might have brought its fair share of challenges, it’s been unprecedented. Keep notes. The highs and the lows. The weak and the bold. Write it all down, your story NEEDS to be told!


Adventure Chef Folding Peeler/Parer

Adam Glick, an executive chef, and lover of the outdoors found himself dreaming of being able to cook with legit tools while embracing the wilderness. So, Glick decided to quit dreamin’ and do something about it. Working with Messermeister, they developed a line of camp cooking tools worthy of even the most championed camp chefs, all constructed to fit neatly into a backpack, tackle box, or glove box next time you embark on an adventure. The tool features a paring knife, peeler, and fish scaler. You’ll never embark on another journey without it.

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