It’s a new month, which means a new Top Ten from our adventure pals at Huckberry.com. We hand selected these items based on Lake Como, as our CYTIES theme in June is featuring all things about the lake in  Northern Italy’s Lombardy region. So what do you say? Want to head to Lake Como with CYTIES & Huckberry? (yes, duh) This is what we have packed for you to enjoy all the antics, the only thing missing is sunscreen and an Aperol Spritz, which isn’t very hard to find when you’re hanging in the hotels we are about to feature this month. Ciao.

Hide & Seek Premium - Exclusive

You know we love a good collaboration, say hello to the Hide & Seek Wallet from Bellroy and Huckberry. As the world begins to open again, you better be equipped with the finest gear to take on the journey. This wallet slides into your pocket with ease, looking conventional from the outside, but loaded with features within. The Hide & Seek stashes your bills, while holding up to 5 to 12 cards depending on the cards’ embossment. The leather is tanned using innovative DriTan™ technology, which reduces water and chemical use. Just all around badassery when it comes to the wallet game. 


FlatPak Toiletry Case

When Spring turns to summer one this is for certain, things are going to get a little splashed. The FlatPak Toiletry Case is your shield from all water antics, protecting your grooming goods from any intruding drips. The roll-top is easy to use, spacious, and durable. As the CYTIES team turns our compass to Lake Como this month, it’s hard not to imagine the FlatPak within our travel gear. It’s a necessity for any aquatic adventurer.


Maui Jim Kawika

Maui Jim’s you say? Wasn’t that the pair my grandfather wore? Yes, and your grandfather was cooler than you. Maui Jim’s are known on the market to be some of the best lenses in the world, and with some new sleek styles it’s hard to overlook them as a pair you need in your collection. They simply are cool and the fact that they are inspired by the rich tropical environment of the Hawaiian islands, makes it feel like a vacation when you have them on your face. The Kawikas have a retro look, paired with modern polarized lenses for versatility and protection.


Saturday Seersucker Shorts

If you’re wearing shorts, they better be ones like Alex Mill. Timeless, simple, and truly the kind of silhouette that compliments any outfit for the heat. What we love is the ease of the Seersucker fabric, as this go-to pair is relaxed and will truly will never go out of style. Take them with you wherever you go this summer.


Corded Velveteen Hat

More than just a cap, a story to go along with it. Josh Perez and Levi Tijerina were working as creatives in the apparel space when they noticed a distinct lack of brands highlighting their Latino and Hispanic culture and stories. They decided to change the game, creating Pedro & Tailor to celebrate their culture to a wider audience. The hat isn’t just sleek and perfect for summer ‘21, but the message is to dream, work hard, create, and step up and change the game for the better, for really any aspect of life. Wear it as a symbol.


Sabah Sabah

Traveling is no longer a thing of the past. Set your sights on a destination, grab your passport, pack a bag, and set sail. The Sabah Sabah leather slips in Fort Worth brown ARE your summer adventure shoes. Made with durable leather by craftsmen in Turkey, these new traveling side “kicks” can be paired with chinos, denim, or shorts. Time to start using those frequent flyer miles.


Ripstop Stretch Utility Shirt

Huckberry sums this shirt up nicely when they wrote: “where safari meets sophisticated”. We’ll take that one step further and add where summer sunsets meet sophisticated style. Made by Huck’s house brand—Flint and Tinder— this Ripstop Stretch Utility Shirt fits snug around the shoulders. Button it up while sipping on an amaro while basking in an Italian sunset on a sidewalk, or let the chest breathe, while finding your ideal spot on Como.


The Elko

No surprise here, The James Brand continues to amaze. The Elko somehow has everything you need in a pocket knife and fits on a keychain. I’m sure you’ve seen that before, but have you ever seen one as sleek? Didn’t think so. Pry, slice, cut, open… James Brand for the win, game, chip, championship. All-day every day.



One of the Huckberry Co-founder’s called this his favorite backpack on the planet. That’s a bold statement from a man who has a site filled with ‘em. With Special Forces-grade materiel, a bombproof laptop compartment, sleek design, and straight-up American-made badass construction, it’s sure a difficult statement to argue with… We can’t confirm or deny, but best believe we can’t wait to find out. And… ADD TO CART.


Timex Marlin Manual

The first mechanical watch by Timex since the 1980s. It’s beautifully styled, and a reissue from one of their 1960’s classics. With so many watches nowadays doing so many things, it’s nice to bring it back to a time when the world seemed less complicated. The 60s gave us some of the best cars, music, and it’s safe to say… watches. This vintage timepiece will guide you through any adventure you embark on. Just don’t try to talk to it, because it won’t talk back… and that’s the best part…

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