Weller Bags

Meet Weller, a collection of durable all-purpose totes, duffels, and backpacks designed to be the ultimate adventure travel bags. The packs are designed by a guiding principle: offer more function, and last longer than any other bags on the market.

Advanced materials are combined with modern ideas to create all of their handmade bags. Weller Goods has arrived on the scene just in time for your holiday travels, and are the perfect bags to accompany you through snowy city streets or bustling airport terminals. Below are our favorite picks from the lineup offered by Weller. Donate on their Kickstart page to support the cause, and be apart of Weller’s mission to change the game when it comes handmade, sewn in the USA, indestructible bags. 


Hauler Duffel Bag

If James Bond had a go-to bag for any occasion, this Duffel would be it. The Hauler can be your companion to the gym, the organizer to a mountain getaway, or the only bag you need for a long weekend in the big city. The construction of the duffel allows it to adjust to different situations as the bag’s stashable shoulder straps can switch the Hauler from a carrier to a backpack in seconds. Each bag is handmade with Double-Grid 420D fabric, super durable TuffTarp Tarpaulin material, comfortable and strong seatbelt webbing straps, and YKK Aquaguard zippers to protect your gear from the elements. The Hauler packs a punch — no pun intended. Our favorite feature is the magnetic handles, a travel ease that puts Weller in the varsity category for thoughtful construction. 


The Better Day Pack

The items we bring with us daily define us as an individual. They cater to the drive and hustle of tasks, and assist in maneuvering towards the goal of conquering the day. Weller’s Better Day Pack is the answer to keeping the items you need organized in a roomy all-purpose backpack. Consider the Better Day Pack the starting point of Weller’s intended journey. When the team couldn’t find anyone that made a bag with a modern take on such a classic design, they decided to take matters into their own hands and craft it themselves. The pack is equipped with a fleece-lined laptop sleeve to protect your tablet or computer, dual external softshell water bottle holders, and an internal key keeper to hold your keys safe from theft. It’s all in the name, this is the Better Day Pack you’ve been searching so long for. 


Weller Dopp Kit

A true Jet-Setter has a clutch Dopp Kit, keeping his grooming items organized and available to freshen up the soul in any setting. The Weller Dopp Kit is the perfect stash size to fit in the Duffle or Backpack and fashioned with the same handmade detail as its bigger cousins. Do not underestimate the importance of a durable Dopp Kit, it’s something that should last a lifetime and even be handed down to your lineage. Weller’s is made smart with premium materials to keep small delicate items preserved for a journeyman with an active lifestyle. 

Help push to make Weller a mainstream name and get yours before everyone else is lining up for one. Their clever tagline of “As You Wish” seems fitting, as wish lists this holiday season will no doubt be including Weller’s premium bags.