The slow creeping fog of October has ascended upon us, and All Hallows’ Eve awaits at the very conclusion of this ghoulish month (cue howling wolf sound). The scariest part of this year’s October? Well, probably the fact that it’s already October (cue loud scream). The hypnotizing antics of 2020 have left this year in a complete daze, no one can argue that we all feel a bit like Frankenstein. With this in mind, our October catalog is dedicated to a glow of light amidst the darkness, that being the bold luminosity of a Full Moon, which you’ll also see casting its light on the GEAR GRID. Not too much to illumination to spoil any Halloween antics, but just enough to shine an eerie glare on a collection of items that will have your wardrobe soaring to new heights. With some fundamental fall apparel, you’ll also discover essentials and gear to keep you equipped for anything. This catalog’s for the night owls, the Lost Boys, the ones who ain’t afraid of no ghosts, and the ones who would go toe-to-toe with Michael Myers—and looking sharp while doing it (cue evil laughter).

The Long Haul Jacket in Ash Sashiko

October hits and the colors in our wardrobe fade into the shadows like the sun behind the moon. The skin in our fingers tightens as we extend out for the jacket we’ve been wanting to wear since what feels like… forever. But, more so, on the last 90-plus-degree-day that felt like summer refused to hop on its broomstick and fly away. Taylor Stitch’s consistency with October home-runs should win them a World Series or at the very least give you (the purchaser) confidence in their well-made outerwear. If you want colors, hibernate until Spring. The ash color in The Long Haul is outspoken—loud in its own right. The style of a city warrior. The sashiko stitching is the decorative reinforcement needed to break into the fall season and embrace this beautifully darker month.


Hollis Black Boot

Nothing screams October quite like a pair of black boots. They are bold, handsome, and taunting. They tell the opposition that you came to the showdown meaning business. Whether work or exploration, these bad-to-the-bone black shells will lace up for any occasion and look damn fine doing so. With full-grain Balthazar leather, these kicks have a soul of their own, are hungry for concrete, and will steal the eyes and attention of men and women alike.


Smith Optics: Roam ChromaPop

From sidewalks to snow, to the ocean, to staring down your arch-nemesis, it just doesn’t get better than Smith Optics lenses. If you’re not familiar with Chromapop, allow is to give you a quick lesson. Our retinas, believe it or not, have difficulty perceiving the difference between blue and green, and red and green light. Smith’s Chromapop lens tech filters these specific crossover colors, allowing greater definition, natural color, and clarity—it’s like HD for your eyesight. Now that we have your attention, wear them like Dylan and Cash did—jet black.


Nixon Base Watch

The Nixon Base Watch is a wrist addition that exudes a throw-back style with modern mindfulness. The retro design makes it a timepiece you’ll refuse to take off, featuring a digital calendar, countdown timer, chronograph, and light on its negative LCD display. It packs a punch too, fashioned in a stainless steel case with a 5-link jewelry style bracelet with a steel locking clasp, along with 100-meter water resistance for any night swimming in the moonlight. Base your wardrobe around the Base Watch this fall—we are pretty sure if Darth Vader wore a watch, it looked a lot like this one.


Charcoal Cleanser

This product has been coined the “no-nonsense cleanser” as it’s immune from the rubbish and babble of 2020. It’ll safely and effectively remove dirt, oil, pollution, and daily grime. The key ingredient is charcoal, which suctions out impurities from the pores. Its grim color is the edge you need to combat the attack on your skin and give your day one hell of a fresh start. It’s ok to dress like up like a zombie, not look like one.


LARQ Water Bottle

The water bottle reimagined. Designed with a UV-C LED purification system in the lid, this portable hydration station not only liquefies your body but also kills 99.999% of bacteria in the water it holds in just 60 seconds. Read that one more time. As you’re cruising the city and feel the need to quench your thirst, rest assured that there will be no built-up bacteria, funky odor, or unhealthy germs. The Single-walled steel construction is lightweight and ready for hydrated exploration. It’ll automatically purify your water every two hours or whenever you press the button. In matte black, this is just too cool of an accessory not to be considered a vital piece of your everyday carry.


PowerShot G1 X Mark III

Within the camera arsenal, we regularly reach towards the PowerShot G1 X Mark III. Mainly due to the fact that it offers power, control, and image quality of a DSLR, but in a camera that can easily stash away in your pack. It was Canon’s first compact digital camera to feature a large 24.2 Megapixel* APS-C sensor for detailed images and Dual Pixel CMOS for extremely fast autofocus. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can easily upload your shots if you’re going mobile. The camera is excellent in low light and challenging lighting. Get out there, Peter Parker.


Bellroy Tech Folio

The Bellroy Tech Folio will rock your world when it comes to how much it can keep stashed. With one hell of a classy but cool way to keep you organized, the Folio fits a 13′ MacBook Pro, contains pockets for phones, tablets, credit cards, has two pen slots,  and an A4 notebooks sleeve, and room for any other chords or cables you need to work remotely. With it all zipped up, you can stay confident your gear will always be safe and secure in the folio’s premium and environmentally certified leather, proudly stamped with Bellroy’s signet, a sly owl, which just fits all too perfect for this October theme.


Leather Hotel Key Fob

Don’t let any ghosts steal your keys this Halloween, keep them at bay with Huckberry’s Leather Hotel Key Fob. Modeled after vintage hotel tags, it’s an accessible and stylish way to upgrade the key carry game. The embossed leather is attached to a sturdy brass ring to keep whatever is attached to it secure. Here at CYTIES, we take every chance we can get when hunting down the coolest way to keep our valuables organized, this Fob gets our stamp of approval.


The Minimalist Wallet

Last but not least is a rather crucial item, the wallet. If you couldn’t tell with our product selections above, subtle stealth guided the way. Slicing through the city in a colorless wardrobe, blending in with all the ghostly antics. The EDC has to match, and this minimalist wallet by Taylor Stitch will add to the low-profile vibe of the month. With four card slots and a side entry for cash, you have everything you need in this slim-fit front pocket leather essential for a night in the shadows of the city.



“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”