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We haven’t been fully locked down yet or solely confined to the walls we call home. And because there still is a little freedom to go pick up some groceries, curbside pickup or just a stroll around the block, you need to be ready for the outside world and any uncertainty that may come your way. So, as you gear up to embark on your mission, don’t forget your essential travels EDC.

Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel – Denim Two-Ply Single Pleat Mask

An allergenic fusing inside Japanese denim makes the Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel Denim Two-Ply Single Pleat Mask as stylish as it is functional. Every mask is made in Los Angeles, and the single pleat design is stitched to fit all the different shapes of heads out there. And even if your left ear is lower than your right, the binding has a 2-way ear adjustment. And better yet, with each purchase, Schaeffer’s will donate a mask to those in need.


AMASS: Botanic Hand Sanitizer

Big and small, distilleries across the country have adapted times and pivoted production from favored spirits to hand sanitizer. AMASS has not only altered their production to hand sanitizer to help flatten the curve but also added notes of eucalyptus to rejuvenate and replenish your spirit and cinnamon and clove to provide comfort and warmth. The mixture of botanicals is derived from the “four thieves recipe” that famously deterred the spread of the plague in medieval Europe. And at 70% alc/vol, the AMASS Botanic Hand Sanitizer should be part of your EDC well beyond the current state of affairs.


Peel: Keychain Touch Tool

When you’re out of the house, anything you can do to avoid using your hands is beneficial. The Peel Keychain Touch Tool is like the Go-Go Gadget you’ve always wanted. Constructed of a solid piece of 360 brass, germs don’t stand a chance on the naturally antimicrobial surface. And because everyone is touching door handles and elevator buttons, the Keychain Touch Tool works as a perfect barrier between you and the public-use objects. And most importantly, the Peel Keychain Touch Tool does come standard with a bottle opener for when we’re poppin’ bottles to the return of normal(ish) life.


Jaybird: Vista

In an effort to keep the digits off the phone when out in the real world, a pair of wireless headphones are a must. The Jaybird Vista is ready for everything, waterproof and certainly puts the first foot forward for delivering premium sound. The Vista will connect easily with your phone, and when it comes time for yet another Zoom meeting, no communication will be lost… for better or worse. To block the world out even more or thrown in to get some fresh air, the Jaybird Vista will be thumping for those few steps you get out of the house.


Stanley: Stay Chill Pint and Wide Mouth Flask

When your outside time is limited, you have to make the most of it, and that’s why you’ve got to be packing with the Stanley Stay Chill Pint or Wide Mouth Flask. If it’s a walk around the block, the Stay Chill Pint will prove to be optimal, keeping your beverage of choice ice cold up to 4.5 hours. And with an airtight top and built-in bottle opener, this portable pint can’t wait to hit the concrete. If you’re looking for something a little more high octane and discrete, the Wide Mouth Flask holds 8 ounces of your favorite fun juice. A with a never-lose cap and never leak, double-wall vacuum insulation, say hello to your new little friend.


Bandana: Bexar Goods

Whether or not you have a mask, you absolutely need to have a back pocket remedy to activate at a moment’s notice. The Keep It Wild Bandana by Bexar Goods is not only stylish, but can turn into a face mask or makeshift glove in a hurry. It’s made in the USA and 100% organic cotton. Bandanas are always an essential piece, but in a time like this, it will prove to be one of your more versatile EDC pieces and is certainly field ready.


Topo Designs: Square Bag

Lots of little things make for safe and clean adventure these days, and that’s what makes the Topo Designs Square Bag the perfect EDC carry-all. It’s a tiny 3.5” x 3.5” and with an aluminum key clip, this Square Bag can be clipped to your backpack, belt loop, or even keychain. Keep it stocked with sanitizer, wipes, gloves, and even a mask, because when you’re running out the door it will be one less thing to worry about.

RAEN: Rollo

A good pair of safety goggles are essential right now and while the safety bit might be all mental, the Rollo from RAEN is ideal for a sleek fly under the radar vibe. The design team behind these lenses offer classic-driven looks and are determined to create only authentic, innovative sunnies that provide intrinsic value and timeless style. What makes the Rollo stand out is its subtle oval shape, and the blacked-out frame is perfect for keeping the tunnel vision hidden when cruising from point A to B in the current times. Polarized clarity and five-barrel hinges with a wire core for strength and durability make this more than just an optical need, but a style upgrade that has you feeling like a rockstar secrete service agent.


Reigning Champ: Trail Cap

When you do head out into the world, a solid cap to hide your growing mane is vital. The Reigning Champ Trail Cap is a smooth three-layer fabric with an adjustable strap and reflective monogram. And for when you “run” to the grocery store to pick up some cocktail essentials, the moisture-wicking headband will help to deter any questions of when your last run was. The Trail Cap will prove vital well beyond this corona mess and today, as you head out the door, cover up the topside in style.


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