Gone are the days when one Starter jacket emblazoned with the emblem of your favorite sports team was enough for you to own and wear. Now that you are braving the world every day and have new and different challenges to face, you need a wardrobe that can help you rise to meet them. One of the most crucial parts of that wardrobe is the jacket. Nothing can ruin an exquisitely tailored suit like a casual coat; nothing can kill a great outfit like a mismatched jacket. To help you get a complete collection with the functionality, style, and versatility you will need, here are six jackets CYTIES tested and approved that you should add to your arsenal.


Originating as a military flight jacket in the first World War designed to keep pilots warm during flight, the bomber jacket has become a staple in menswear. It’s a timeless piece of outerwear that comes in a variety of styles, suiting most occasions. While typically defined by ribbed cuffs and hem, a front-zip closure, and a defined neckline, the bomber has seen many variations over the years and now is available in leather, suede, wool, nylon, polyester, and more. The C.C.F. Bomber Jacket sports a wind and abrasion-resistant duck canvas that gives it a durable shell perfect for work and outdoor adventures, while retaining the sleek and stylish look perfect for meeting up for a drink downtown.



Tough, rugged, and trusted by all the harshest environments in labor, the denim jacket has been through a long history of being the beat-up-old-reliable for men, to a must-have for every guy. It took Levi Strauss a full decade after outfitting the bottom half of men to realize that the top half needed the same rustic attire. With a solid structure that creates a masculine silhouette, it’s like the sport coat in the way that layering is key to the look; but it’s completely oppositional to the suit and sport coat, giving it the rebellious feel. When it comes to denim, there is no better choice than Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel. Their 25oz Rope Indigo Jacket fits snug until broken in and will move and age with you to create the most custom fit available. Truly made in America and the go-to choice for Dothraki King Jason Momoa makes this jacket hands down the best choice on the market.



When you are looking for a coat that will keep you dry during the wetter months, there’s no better person to listen to for a waterproof jacket than a fisherman. Developed by the British fishing industry, the waxed canvas jacket was the final product that began with developing waterproof material for nets and sails, then applying that to clothing. Like a good pair of boots, this jacket will take some time to break in, as it will wear to your specific body and movements. While this can feel odd initially, the result is one of the most comfortable and unique pieces of outerwear that you will own. Huckberry knows men, and they understand that we need tough quality, but also comfort and style. Their Flint and Tinder Wool-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket brings the toughness and long-lasting qualities of the waxed jacket and combines it with the soft warmth of a wool lining. A truly better-with-age jacket, this is an investment for the winters of your future.



Like many items in a man’s closet, the peacoat carries with it an origin story in the military. Adopted by the British Royal Navy in the 1700s and by the United States Navy in the 1800s, it carried both militaries through two world wars. And like most of these items, the peacoat found its way into civilian wear following its enlistment. One of the main reasons for its staple status is its versatility, with its medium length (just past the hips), its thick wool, and double-breasted fit, it’s able to be dressed down by pairing with denim and sweaters for a casual look or layered over a suit for a more professional expression. After nearly two hundred years of top-notch quality wool in the UK, the Abraham Wool of the Taylor Stitch Mendocino Peacoat beats all competition. With its custom anchor adorned horn buttons and leather accents, this is a must-have for any guy’s closet.



Thanks to the likes of Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, and James Dean, few items in your closet will ooze coolness like the leather moto jacket. Known as the biker’s jacket due to being developed for Harley Davidson in the early twentieth century. It sling-shot into the masses of menswear by Hollywood as it was used to inject an essence of rebellion, a symbol of counterculture. Nowadays, with every brand from boutiques to high-end designers presenting their own take, there’s an option for every man. The Buck Mason Bruiser Moto Jacket sticks true to the classic designs with its asymmetrical front-zip design, the ticket pocket, and cuff-zip details, but modernized with an easier-to-break-in lambskin leather creating a long-lasting, generational piece.



The key to a good jacket is a great balance between fashionable versatility and efficient functionality. Nowhere is that more present than the quilted jacket. The diamond-shaped sewn quilting provides pockets of insulation and warmth while keeping the garment thinner and less bulky. This feature makes it easy to layer over short-sleeved or lighter shirts in the cooler spring/fall months or layered under heavier coats (taking the place of a liner) in the colder winter months. Filson takes this into account with their Quilted Pack Jacket by adding the ability for it to zip into some of their select jackets to add layering, and a drawstring at the hips to keep the cold out. This Quilted Pack Jacket is a must to add versatility to multiple jackets in your closet, and there is a reason Filson made this list twice.



RULES OF THE BOMBER — Best suited with a tee in the warmer weather or a sweatshirt in the cooler air. Pair this bad boy with some sneakers

RULES OF THE DENIM — If matching with denim, be cognisant of the colors. There is no such thing as too much denim, but there is such a thing as clashing denim. Pair with leather boots

RULES OF WAXED — While the wax will keep it waterproof and stain resistant, the wax can rub off and you may need to get it re-waxed. It’s a simple process, but always good to know before you purchase one of these gems

RULES OF PEACOAT — Available in many colors, the rich history of this jacket rests in the nautical flair, so sticking with a navy color will give your closet the boost it needs

RULES OF LEATHER — Simplicity is key for this jacket. Denim, boots, & a t-shirt will let this jacket speak for itself.

RULES OF QUILTED — Consider wearing this jacket with solids and your basics to help your outfit stand out