There’s something about a well-fitted suit that gravitates men towards a healthy pour of an imbibe of their choosing. The cells in our body crave the aroma and taste. We all know it when we see it. It’s James Bond on the big screen. From his Black tux with the bow tie in Dr. No to the tailor-made Brioni suit that Pierce Brosnan wore in GoldenEye and the three-piece striped suit Daniel Crag wore in Casino Royale. Men inherently know a good suit when they see it, but getting there can sometimes feel more difficult than defeating jaws on a train.

Women make an event out of the day they say “yes” to the dress while men all around this country end up in large department stores, pulling their hair out, frustrated, and frankly, just thinking about a beer and lunch. How many men think, “I’m going to go to London, Italy, or Ireland one day to purchase a bespoke suit?”


NEWSFLASH — You don’t have to travel across the pond to look like Thomas Shelby and the process can be just as much fun as the ladies are having.

If you’re living in or planning on visiting SoCal soon. The Grotto Menswear was founded on the belief that “the groom and his wedding party deserve something better than a poor-fitting rental or an overpriced, “off the rack” suit.”

The showroom, with hardwood floors and a brick wall, is an inviting space to cruise in for a consultation, have a cocktail, get measured, and pick out your custom threads. Their process is a mix of old-world tailoring with modern technology. The result is a perfectly fitted suit.

Whether this is your first, second, or third wedding, a suit for work, or a tux for an Avante Garde theatrical that you can’t even give the details to, the suit you get from The Grotto Menswear will fit as it should and the experience will be memorable.

You’re going to like the way you look I guaran… we’ll stop it right there. Check out their site to book an appointment, design online, and learn more about how these boys are changing the suit game, one modern gentleman at a time.