Top Ten: Huckberry

For our latest edition of Top Ten we’re focusing on our amigos over at Huckberry. These gents know a thing or two about the essentials needed for active men who live adventurous and stylish lives. So, whether you’re jet-setting towards the big city, or letting the dusty tires of a Chevy Scout steer towards an open landscape, be assured Huckberry has your back with cool gear to assist your travels. These are our Top Ten CYTIES picks from Huckberry.com — suit up.

 Relwen: Packlight Shell

Comfort is key when it comes to a man on the move. The Packlight Shell from Relwen is lightweight, durable, waterproof, and easily stashable in any pack as it folds down into its own pocket. This is the kind of shell created for the elements, but still looks sharp as hell in any social setting — toss it on to slice the wind in half.

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 Proof: 72-Hour Merino Tee

Yes, the heading is correct, 72-HOURS. This tee is the fusion of technicality and style, and is made for modern nomads and jet-setters alike. The greatest part about the Merino Tee is that the specialized blend of fabrics don’t sacrifice the performance and comfort of the fit. Huckberry’s team recently put it to the test with a 72-hour Iceland trip, needless to say — it passed the test. If you’re a man on the move, you need this. We chose black of course, because if you haven’t noticed by now, we love classic black as much as Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol and Johnny Cash combined. 

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 Raen Optics: Colfax

There is always a time of day for the right frames, in this case RAEN or shine. This is a classic look built by the team at RAEN, who strives to create innovative and timeless styles with detailed modern construction. We believe a man should have a few clutch frames in his arsenal, the Colfax, with its distinct angular fit is the pair for everyday wear that easily ties together any get-up — a true go-to. Handcrafted with zyl acetate frames, we can’t get enough of the Kola Tortoise w/ Plum Brown Lens. 

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Red Wing: Iron Ranger 

A man is as tough as his boots. The longer you wear your Red Wing’s, the more your pair wears into your foot. With a name like Iron Ranger you can imagine how tough these boots really are. Originally, the Iron Ranger was made for iron miners that required a double layer of toe protection. The Iron Ranger’s rough but smooth look is stitched together by the same Puritan sewing machines that did the job when the company was founded. The Hawthorne color pops any outfit, and is sure to wear in nice with creases as time passes. 

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Stuart & Lau: Monaco Weekender 

Dapper indeed, this is the Monaco Weekender from Stewart & Lau, a carry-on equipped with all the compartments you need for the valuables that travel with you. Think long weekend at the NoMad Hotel in Manhattan, this bag is meant for such an occasion. Built for a man who appreciates design aesthetic, but strives for function and reliability, its weather proof design offer’s outside pockets for a tablets, passports, magazines, an umbrella, and even has a hideaway pen pocket for all you aspiring Jack Kerouac’s. It just looks too damn good in… yes black — don’t you know us here at CYTIES yet? 

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Alsta: Nautoscaph III

Unique design, check. Strong construction, check. Deep water resistance, check. Richard Dreyfuss… check. Yes, this limited edition stainless steel Nautoscaph III is the same dial that was worn by Dreyfuss in JAWS. Imagine that conversation at the bar with a martini in hand, eat your heart out Timex. Each diver watch is individually numbered by Huckberry and is only available to 50 pieces. Grab it while you can and know that you have a rare watch with an unrivaled tale for the rest of your life.  “Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women” 

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Flint and Tinder: Cool Chinos 

One word: Breathable. These chinos are made in Los Angeles and cultivated with high twist yarn so air can easily pass through the tiny fibers. If you’ve got a flight overseas or to the opposite coast, they allow the legs to breath easy without compromising your dedication to looking sharp. Flint and Tinder delivers a tailored fit that so you can roll ’em up over boots or sneakers.

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Huckberry: Essential EDC Kit

When it comes to gadgets, we channel our inner James Bond and search for useful items in small packages. EDC — standing for Every Day Carry — is a very popular term these days as people are honing in on the small tools that make life obstacles easy. Huckberry nailed with their custom all-star EDC kit, making it in our eyes the best key ring money can buy. The kit includes:  Split Key Ring (1) Wazoo Survival Gear Woodchuck (1) Screw Key Set (1) and a Peanut Lighter.

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Pioneer: Matter Bifold 

Minimal design built with the strongest fibers known to man. This gents, is the Matter Bifold from Pioneer — in other words your new wallet. It’s fashioned out of the same material that is used in military body armor and created to last a lifetime. It also has an impressive amount of carry space for your world travels, it can handle your Platinum Amex, a good stash of cash, and a few dive bar bottle cap souvenirs. 

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O’douds: Matte Paste 

To tame the locks we dig Huckberry’s selection of O’douds. In O’douds onsite laboratory they create their own recipes from natural, quality and cruelty-free ingredients. When hitting the road, and jumping on flights we look for a product that can sustain through long hours of the day. The Matte Paste is a styling cream that keeps a high hold with a clean matte finish, leaving your hair looking strong, styled and healthy. 

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This list is a cultivated selection serving  our aesthetic of a CYTIES jet-setter and traveling nomad who carries a specific sense of style — all items can be found on Huckberry.com 

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”

— Jack Kerouac