Wardrobe / Holiday Travel

Up your airport look and scrape the sky in style, we’ve got you covered with our key choices to keep you comfortable and sharp during the hustle and bustle of holiday travel.


Topo Designs Klettersack

The Klettersack makes it easy to stash all your essentials and in-flight needs. It stows perfectly above to make boarding smooth and get you moving towards your holiday destination of strong drinks and warm company. The leather tabs on the outside are perfect for attaching extra gear.

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Pilgrim Reverse Pennant Down Jacket

Extremely light weight and packable in a small pouch to stow away. The crew neck makes it comfortable for long air time and it can easily be tossed on and off. The magic is that it’s reversible for different elements. The pennant quilted side is insulated with Poly, the opposite side insulated with down fill. The down side is warmer, the poly side is more weather resistant. So flip it according to the weather report for your destination.


Buck Mason Thermal Surplus Tee

This super soft double knit thermal offers total comfort and zero bulk. It can be layered with anything you’ve packed offering a timeless look under a winter jacket or a button up. It doesn’t get more classic than this thermal, and it’s a key component to any winter holiday style.


New Balance U520

You know we are all about the boots here at CYTIES, but when it comes to the comfort of travel you can’t go wrong these kicks from New Balance. Classic black with vintage inspired touches, these sneaks will have you navigating through the airport faster than the Mcallister’s.

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Bose QuiteComfort 35 II

Bose, need we say more? Wireless for easy movement and noise canceling to sync your holiday playlist while avoiding any distractions. So throw on a festive jam mixed with a go-to winter track from Shakey Graves and kick back to enjoy some mile high tunes.


Garrett Leight Milwood

Who needs a sleep mask when you can toss on a pair of Garrett Leights? We know how this time of year can go, holiday party after holiday party leaving you a bit overindulged. Hide any tired eyes behind these frames that give a stylish nod to the Jetstter era of the 60’s, and toss them in your Topo for when clouds part and the sun hits the snow.


All Saints Park Chino

Comfortable pants are key to smooth travel. The Park Chinos from All Saints are soft, flexible and stay fitted with room for catering to movement of any kind. Chinos are always a bad ass choice for travel, exuding class and comfort while paying respect to the days of dressing up for a jet set. So let the crowd of sweatpants and neck pillows stampede to the gift shop, and take your chinos to the closest bar by your gate for a pre-flight whiskey neat.

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Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy

It doesn’t matter if your jettin’ first class or you bought a last minute deal in the back row, air while traveling can get a bit stale. Aesop’s Ginger Flight Therapy is made to give you a calming refresh when the hours stack up. It’s also small enough to toss in a coat pocket or carry-on. Use it by applying it to your temples or wrists mid flight to refresh the mind and body. Pair this with gin & tonic or a good book and you’ll be wishing you had an extra hour in the air.


Whalebone Magazine

Eye candy and award winning writing, Whalebone Magazine is a solid print celebrating likeminded people and places that capture the authenticity of East End Long Island. Flip through the pages to pass the time and get inspired by some innovative stories and ideas.