Saturday and Sunday in a Bag

Weekender Bags

Every 5 days there comes a reason to celebrate and ever so often there is a bonus when it comes earlier, extends a day later or even better when those festive holidays align for the ultimate ‘weekend’. And if there is an opportunity go get out of dodge for that coveted 48hrs, it makes that Friday to Monday oh so much sweeter.

But here’s the thing… you can’t just hop in your buddie’s car or the last minute Want to Get Away flight with that raggedy ole duffel or backpack. You need a tote that’s presentable, alluring, and above all else, implies your intentions for the weekend. They come in a plethora of colors and sizes, but the purpose is always the same—pack the essentials and let’s rock ‘n roll.

Filson 48hr Duffle 

The Filson 48hr Duffle is the perfect weekend duffle with 9 pockets, an oiled finish Tin Cloth to keep out the elements and a beefy brass zipper that allows access to the full innards of the bag. Filson has put its staples of comfort, protection, and durability that never goes out of style into the 48hr Duffle. The base is reinforced to help with packing and provide protection when your bag is being tossed around. It can be carried as a suitcase, slung over the shoulder, and has a trolley strap to accompany your roller suitcase. And with a Cover Cloth lining, this duffle is the perfect handheld in and out of the office and for the quick escape to the high country.

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Rains Weekend Bag

When it rains it pours and when you carrying your personals in a Rains’ Weekend Bag, no magnitude of a downpour will pass through its membrane. Rains is a modern rainwear lifestyle brand creating sleek, simplistic waterproof designs. It’s a spacious Weekend Bag with a large main compartment, detachable shoulder strap, and diesel handles. The Rains Weekend Bag certainly presents an image with its matte black finish, waterproof fabric, and Scandinavian heritage. Keep it handy when moisture is in the air and/or if the weekend plans are an adventure at sea.

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Aer Travel Pack 2 

Versatile as a side carry or backpack, the Aer Travel Pack 2 is waiting for you to pack it to its gills. With a padded laptop compartment, organizing sleeve, and a 33-liter capacity, the Travel Pack 2 is asking for adventure. Aer prides itself on creating durable, high-quality bags and accessories that meet the unforeseen demands of the city and travel—and the Travel Pack 2 does just that. It’s loaded with all the right compartments, even one for dirty clothes or your shoes and when everyone is paying the big bucks to check their bags, you and your Travel Pack 2 are already ordering round 2 at Schlotzsky’s.

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Bexar Goods Land Duffle

Bexar Goods is gear for the modern frontier and the Land Duffle is a choice bag for any expedition. It’s a durable bag composed of solid brass hardware, copper rivets, and a beautiful combination of USA sourced waxed canvas and premium harness leather. The Land Duffle has one main compartment, two side pockets, and waxed canvas construction to house and protect your necessities. And perhaps the best part, Bexar has taken it upon itself to field the test the Land Duffle in the American Southwest, Europe, Iceland, and Morocco. So it begs the question to where you’ll explore on your own?

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WP Standard Leon Duffle 

All leather everything is the WP Standard Leon Duffle and oh, does it look good. It’s ever so simplistic but will certainly elevate your style to levels you never dreamed of. The Leon Duffle Bag has one heavy-duty zipper, sturdy handles, a removable shoulder strap, and a single interior pocket to tuck away the important accessories. This is a bag that will stand alone in the Delta Lounge, the trunk of the Benz or Subaru Brat, and even amongst its friends as no two WP Standard Bags are alike. 

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So now that you got the bag, what are you going to pack and where are you going to go? 


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The Weekender needs 48hrs – 2880 minutes – 172,800 seconds to fully execute

When packing for the weekend, don’t forget about your Dopp Kit

Pack your bags ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.”

Photo Banner credit: Bexar Goods