Any man who says he has style can easily be judged by the boots on his feet. It’s the way you wear them, the miles you’ve put into them. They begin to tell your story, a biography of the places you’ve been, the steps you’ve taken. Boots are a huge part of CYTIES, as the right pair can be worn during any social occasion. Thursday Boots has created a brand that reflects comfort and reliability. They’ve created products that are affordable, durable, and most importantly stylish.

Like a moccasin, you slip them on, lace them up and feel as the leather molds to the contours of your feet. Like a good whiskey or a black-and-white tattoo, they just get better with age. The more nicks, the more miles, and the more miles, the more stories. Leather isn’t supposed to be smooth, so rock these brown or black kicks to your subterranean coffee shops, your most-wanted night spots, and your next rock n’ roll recital.

Made in handcrafted batches, Thursday Boots gives the phrase “Hit the concrete” a whole new meaning.  So, when deciding which boot company we would partner up with, Thursday was an indisputable choice. Check out Thursday Boots here.