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James Beard Foundation award-winning Chef Gregory Gourdet has created a true masterpiece — a swanky subterranean cocktail bar that showcases pan-Caribbean flavors and stories by way of its vibrant drink and food programs. It represents a true evolution of Portland’s culinary and beverage culture and is a truly transportive experience.


BY: Andrew Williams Contributing writer

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. From the mind of decorated Chef Gregory Gourdet comes sousòl, an underground bar delivering some serious pan-Caribbean flavors, vibes, and notes of culture and polish.

James Beard Foundation award-winner Chef Gourdet, inspired by the desire “to share, celebrate, and foster an appreciation of pan-Caribbean flavors, methods, and ingredients with grace and culture,” launched Sousòl beneath Kaan, a culinary destination known as the place where “Haitian cuisine meets Pacific Northwest.”

Gourdet captivating new concept features a soul-satiating food program, offering patrons a taste of fare from Haiti, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Mexico, and beyond. The menu specifically showcases Haitian dishes reminiscent of Gourdet’s childhood gastronomic memories.

The inventive drink program, presented as an exploration of exotic flavors, spirits, spices, and stories, provides the perfect complement, balancing a selection of boozy and zero-proof drink recipes; the latter serving as an homage to Gourdet’s sobriety and a nod to creating an atmosphere that promotes inclusive consumption — all delivered with a Caribbean flair.

The interior design drives home the vibrancy and elegance of Gourdet’s latest creation — a mixture of dashing blacks, deep greens, kisses of orange, a brilliant splash of pink courtesy of one groovy velvet couch, moody lighting, and walls saturated with an audacious, overlapping tree motif wallpaper.

At every turn, it’s clear Gourdet values attention to detail, quality, refined style, and bringing to life a drinking dean worthy of his Caribbean roots.

CYTIES salutes Chef Gregory Gourdet on rolling out a true masterpiece of a cocktail bar, and we can’t wait to be taken away by Sousòl’s tropical vibrations.